Significance of Digital Marketing in the Modern World

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Today, new technologies are penetrating all spheres of human activity. Overall, about 170 million people are present on social media platforms, consistently. From the purchase of household goods to communication and even leisure, everything has gradually moved online. As mobile phones became the center of all essentiality, companies grew aware that people’s lives now depended on their handheld smartphones. Therefore, digital marketing, along with practical technological advancement found its place on the throne of all information-seeking activities. 

With constructive strategies in place, digital technologies can be applied to create brand awareness and drive sales. Technology remains the key in the modern world and so does the utility of digital marketing plans to promote your business and product to the right audience. 

 Online facts:
80% of the population looks for information online
75% of the world population prefers online shopping
50% go through online reviews before buying a product 

Online communication techniques such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and others appropriately managed to maintain the online presence of a brand.

Evolution of Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing concept appeared in the 1990s along with the proliferation of the internet and the web 1.0 platform. While the web 1.0 platform did not facilitate the sharing of information, it did allow users to findinformation. Still, marketers were not fully sure that the platform wasworkable. It was not until 1993 that the first clickable banner would go live.Thereafter, companies started purchasing banners and thus began the era ofdigital marketing. New technologies infiltrated the digital space in 1994 and Yahoowas launched in the same year. From here, the landscape gradually evolved asthe number of users began increasing. Now, this was a marketing goldmine. First,email and then social media platforms became part of the marketing arsenal whilesearch engines simultaneously began indexing or cataloging websites so thatusers could find their requirements easily. Thereafter, SEO techniques such as tagging, backlinks, and keyword stuffing evolved to generate highrankings for businesses. 

The concept of digital marketing dynamic, improving, and adapting to the needs of society every minute. Contemporarily, the internet space is used for SEO / site optimization, contextual and banner advertising, targeting, viral and native advertising, as well as email newsletters. 

The main goal of Digital Marketing

In the digital economy, digital marketing comes with asuite of objectives to promote a company’s products and services. Today, audiencesare engaged digitally, as relevant information is dissipated to the right kindof audience, creating strong sales channels. Digital outlets work best when itis launched along with other channels. Here, the main goal of digital marketingis to prompt as many online visits as possible, which is otherwise not promptedby traditional media. 

Besides, digital marketing also aims to proffer value since the internet is the first place that customers come looking for information. Other objectives that naturally follow digital marketing are online brand extensions, and cost savings. 

Web marketing can quickly and accurately analyze results, which in the future allows you to make necessary changes to your organization’s strategy to increase sales.

Build your future in Digital Marketing

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