How to Choose the Best Apple Cider Vinegar Brand

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The use of apple cider vinegar was common 5 or 10 years ago, but its demand went down somehow in between. However, today, the use of apple cider vinegar has increased these days. One of the reasons is because the benefits of apple cider vinegar have come back to the spotlight, and people love it today. Apart from most of the benefits it offers, the most significant one is the benefits it provides your health, but, recently we have noticed people purchasing it based on wrong factors. 

They cannot be blamed; the demand has increased the diversity, that confuses customers on which product to purchase.To help you, we have compiled the crucial factors that you need to consider purchasing an apple cider vinegar brand.

1.      Go for the mother –

If you are an expert, then you would know that there is a grade of apple cider vinegar called mother. If you are not an expert or if you are shopping for apple cider vinegar for the first time, then you would not know about this grade of the product. The mother comes from the fermentation process, and it contains comparatively more enzymes, probiotics, beneficial bacterial, and minerals that aids digestion and improves the immune system. There are not so many brands that market this grade apple cider vinegar, but you must dig deep and consider purchasing such a grade product.

2.      Consider certified product only –

Yes, certified product, most people does not know that even for food products, they have a certification. When it comes to apple cider vinegar,you must check the product and consider purchasing only the products with certification. While both organic and non-organic apple cider vinegar product could get certified, but, we would recommend that you go for a brand with certified organic apple cider vinegar.

3.      Do not fall for pretty bottles –

There is a reason why some brands market apple cider vinegar in pretty bottles. It is to show how clear their vinegar is and to prove their product to be the best. However, this is just a gimmick; you should know that a clear vinegar means it is processed, and it contains artificial fillers and flavors added to it. While this makes the vinegar clear, it makes the vinegar worthless as the processing would kill almost every beneficial bacterium in it. When it comes to unprocessed apple cider vinegar, they commonly come ugly bottles. We recommend that you purchase such products, even if their bottles are uglier the quality of the product would be good.

4.      Avoid a brand that uses plastic bottles –

Yes, there is apple cider vinegar available in plastic bottles these days, while most such products come with a declaration that the plastic bottles are BPA free. However, even if they are certified to be BPA free, it could still be vulnerable. This is why you must avoid purchasing apple cider vinegar from brands that market them in plastic bottles.

Apart from the facts mentioned above, price, quality, and reputation are a few of the other factors that are worth considering. You must consider these features too.