Undergo liposuction and get rid of Gynecomastia

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Gynaecomastia or Man boob reduction through surgery is reduction of fat around male breasts.

Man boob can occur due to various reasons like surge in growth hormones and imbalance during puberty, bad lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking, eating too much sugary or processed food, obesity, certain kinds of drugs or medications that react with hormones of the body, steroid abuse etc.

Men usually feel embarrassed and become a subject of ridicule among their partners, friends, and acquaintance due to man boobs. They often face embarrassment during lifting of their shirt or undress during activities like swimming, surfing, walk at the beach or while undressing in men’s locker room.
Man boobs can seriously affect the self esteem and confidence of most men.

The problem can occur due to unnatural growth of female hormone estrogen among men due to any reasons.

In our androgen receptors both testosterone and estrogen are produced which are referred as male and female hormone since testosterone is usually more prevalent in males and vice versa. While testosterone give males facial and body hair, aggression, competitive spirit, muscular body, hoarse voice and flat chest; the female hormone estrogen does quite the opposite, it gives women the compassion, emotions, care, fat accumulation around hips, buttocks and chest and reproductive cycles.

There are various medications available to reverse the unnatural growth of estrogen in men but they do come with side effects.

However, nowadays technology has become so advanced that you can get rid of body fat around your chest in no time through help of modern machines which suck out the fat tissue and glands out of your chest with the help of a minor incision around your chest.

There are machines like suction, power assisted liposuction, laser assisted liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction and water jet liposuction.

These machines use advance techniques to burn fat cells in your chest and give you the flat, masculine chest which you wish you always had.

For example ultrasonic liposuction breaks down fat cells by generating ultrasonic energy which melts them into liquid. This liquid is then sucked out using a vacuum through an injection.  The best part is that it burns and melts only fat cells and does no harm to nerves, tissues and muscles.

Similarly there is waterjet liposuction machine which spreads fat cells by using a waterjet stream and then suck them out when they are displaced. With the help of these modern machines you can be assured that you can get your flat chest within no time without any side effects and usually fixed and permanent results. However to ascertain man boob surgery cost you must pay a visit to your doctor and consult your case with him. Depending on your current medical condition, size of the excess fat around your chest, after doing an ultrasound of your chest and determining the size and quantity of your fat glands and checking your hormonal level our doctor would recommend you the treatment which is best suited for you and is also affordable within your budget.