Know more about cotton lycra fabric

 There are varieties of fabrics available in the market these days. Some of them are natural while the others are synthetic. Each fabric has its unique characteristic and that is why; have their own set of customers.

Now there are two separate fabrics like cotton and lycra. When both of these are mixed together then it is known as cotton lycra. This cotton lycra fabric in India is manufactured a lot because this is very much stretchable. Here, the cotton fibres are wrapped into the filaments of spandex and then this fabric is formed. It is very much comfortable to wear and that is why; it is used to make sportswear and other casual clothing.

Here are some major advantages of cotton lycra fabric:


There is an increased presence of cotton there in the fabric and that is what makes it very much comfortable once worn.


As they are lightweight as well, this fabric can allow breathing of the skin.

Easy to maintain

This particular fabric does not need much maintenance or care. They can be easily washed in cold water and they definitely do not need dry cleaning. There is another advantage of this fabric. They do not get wrinkled easily.


This is a durable fabric which can last for long. It does not even go dull even after one has used them for years and it has gone through several washes. They are also not prone to piling. It is because there are larger portions of cotton used in the fabric and a very small portion of spandex added to it. Hence it has a long life and is considered to be durable.

So, when one is investing in cotton lycra outfit then they must be assured of one thing that they will last for many years. They are also resistant to dew and sun rays. The flexibility of this fabric also gives the manufacturer the scope to make versatile clothes with this. There are many cotton lycra fabric suppliers in India and one can buy this fabric directly from them.

One might also think how to maintain this particular fabric? Well, the manufacturers and the sellers of the cotton lycra fabric has a particular way of washing and cleaning them. The spandex that is present cannot tolerate heat and that is why they must not be washed in cold water. If one applies heat there like if they try to press them then it can destroy the shape and form of that apparel. The cotton Lycra fabric must not be subjected to chlorinated bleach. This fabric is also wrinkle free and so one does not even need to iron it.

One can make a lot of casual wears by using this particular fabric. While according to many, cotton fabric is something which is best for the skin in a hot and humid country; this fabric can also be used a lot because they are good when it comes to casual wears. They also remain light on the skin.

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