Best Vitamins for High Productivity


As a business person or performer of any kind, it is imperative that you consume all the essential vitamins and minerals so that you can give your best.You need to consume all the essential vitamins and minerals so that you can give your best. Consuming all the essential vitamins and minerals will ensure that you perform all the actions without any problem. These vitamins are necessary for your mental as well as physical performance. In case of any deficiency, it will lead to cognitive decline, and low energy levels. This deficiency is also responsible for causing other body ailments like depression. This is the reason why it is essential to consume all the minerals and vitamins to improve productivity and concentration level. The right amount of vitamins and minerals will enhance your learning capabilities as well.

Vitamin B

Make sure that you are consuming vitamin B3 and B12 in the right proportion. This vitamin is available in cheese, milk, spinach, potatoes and green beans.

Several researches have shown that deficiency of vitamins are responsible to slow down your learning abilities, low energy and makes you prone to distractions.

Vitamin D3

This is one of the most useful supplements to take if you find that your concentration and focus level is decreasing. Medical science has revealed the importance of vitamin D3. This vitamin is responsible for more than 200 processes in your body. It is necessary for optimal mood and bone health. It is correlated to depression, low energy and cognitive function. Researches have shown that a big majority of people in the western society has deficiency of vitamin D3. This is the reason they are prone to mental and health issues. Vegetarians have higher risk of developing its deficiency. Vitamin D3 is among those most important supplement in Canada,which you are supposed to consume at a daily basis for consistent performance at the highest levels. You will get it in shrimp, salmon, tuna, and by spending 30 minutes in direct sunlight.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for heart health. You need to consume it on a regular basis to optimize several functions in your body like eyesight, heart and liver. The regular consuming of omega-3 fatty acids will improve your memory power, attention span, and cognitive functions. In the present scenario, most of the people are consuming low-fat diet and this is the reason whydeficiency of this essential supplement in Canada is increasing. Its deficiency may lead to diabetes, depression or ADHD in kids. It is available in walnuts, flaxseeds, casters, chia seeds, salmon, and fatty fish.

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