Essential equipment for manufacturing businesses

During the manufacturing process, there are several stages requiring speed and quality that cannot be achieved by human workers, requiring machinery and equipment.

Several pieces of equipment are used within manufacturing across the globe – whether that's mining industries, food production, or plastic production.

We're discussing the most important equipment for manufacturers to use to ensure processes can run smoothly.

Storage tanks

Storage tanks for large production warehouses need to be strong enough to handle large quantities of products. Depending on the type of product, it will determine the size, shape, or material used for the storage tanks. For example, those working with corrosive substances will require stainless steel tanks or something with anti-corrosive properties.


Centrifuges are a useful piece of kit that can separate content by measuring the density. The most common use for centrifuges is separating mixed liquids or removing solid particles from liquids. They can also be used for mechanical separation. There are several types of centrifuges – from disc nozzle to automatic and basket bottom dump machines.


Mixers are an integral part of food processing, paint production, and other manufacturing industries. Mixing often requires several different types of mixer to complete the whole process. Some examples of mixers include double arm mixers, drum tumbles, and batch compounders.


Electric generators are incredibly important for manufacturing businesses whose processes typically continue throughout the night with limited supervision. In the event of a power cut, or in a situation where power sources are insufficient, production cannot continue. Having an electrical generator ensures that production continues on a backup source while the main source is sorted. A delay in production can cause all sorts of issues for other departments such as supply chain, sales, as well as for the customers you're supplying.


Compressors are used for both air and water. A water compressor can help force fluid through pipes faster. On the other hand, compressed air is used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries; paint companies, oil and gas miners, plastic blowing, and food processing are to name a few. Smaller businesses can use desktop air compressors, too, to use with electronics or airbrushes.

Air dryers

If your business uses compressed air, you should also consider an air dryer. Some industries need air to be completely dry and clean when in use, to prevent moisture-induced damage to equipment.  Desiccant air dryers use water pulling materials to eliminate moisture from compressed air before use.  This is particularly important when working with electricals or oil and gas processes in which moisture could cause severe complications.

PPE & Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment and PPE are crucial for all manufacturing industries to ensure both the works and the machinery's safety. Helmets, high-vis, and handling equipment specific to the materials being used are all vital for businesses to keep stocked up on.

While we have only mentioned a few equipment piecesrequired, there are always specialized machinery needed for different industries. These are most commonly used across the globe for different niches. Additional equipment – such as desiccant air dryers – can keep machinery working efficiently and improve the business's performance as a whole.

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