Getting the Right Size New Era cap from Foot Locker

New Era is one of the top brands since the 1920s known for producing the best high-quality athletic caps. They have caps that are nicely fitted with their adjustable straps hence it is perfect for people with all possible head sizes. If you are on the look for the best collection of New Era caps then Foot Locker is the best place to shop from. You can also take advantage of the Foot Locker promo code to get these caps at an incredible price. The key benefit of promo code is that is offers good discount package for the buyers. Today people look for the discount packages due to current economical situation in the world. If you are going to purchase the New Era cap then you must consider the following factors

Considering the Weather

When looking for the cap, the first thing to consider is getting your hands on the right size. And when getting the right size, you should know whether you will be wearing it for fashion purposes or sports purposes. If you are experiencing wet climate conditions in your area, then getting the New Era polyester made cap is the sanest idea. These caps are usually water-resistant hence they don’t shrink in size. If you are wearing it in a cold climate, then you can select the caps made with wool and cotton material to keep your head warm. You can get both of these material caps at a good price at Foot Locker with the use of the Foot Locker promo code.

Getting the Right Size

The New era caps at Foot Locker have size measuring at the description area. Measuring your size is very simple. If you have a measuring tape, just wrap it around your neck to take the right size. And in case you don’t have a measuring tape, then wrap a cloth around your head and mark the closing area. Spread the cloth across the table and then measure it with a simple ruler scale. You can then compare your measurements with the chart provided and then select the right size. The strap-able band at the back can make its measurements more perfect. Get the right size at a good price with a Foot Locker promo code. It is very simple to get the right size cap. The measuring chart is very helpful for the buyers who find it difficult to measure the right size.

A size Bigger for Safe Side

If you are looking forward to purchasing a woolen New Era cap, then make sure to purchase a size larger than your measured size because these caps tend to shrink with moisture such as your sweat or wet weather conditions. You may get two of these woolen caps for the safer side at a lower rate with the use of the Foot Locker promo code. The New era caps are not available in variety of colors and designs to attract the buyers.

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