Best Lock Replacement Options Available To Homeowners

It is crucial for homeowners to identify the right door lock for their home. Choosing the right door look for your home will offer great security and ensure that your family and the valuables in the house are safe. However, some homeowners might not know how to identify the right door lock.


Some may have already purchased a door lock that doesn’t really suit their door. If you are stuck in such a situation, it is best to look for look replacement options. You will be able to find multiple options when you are looking to replace the front door lock of your home.


The number of different lock replacement options available may consume and overwhelm several homeowners. This is why we have prepared a list of some of the best door lock replacement options that will offer more security to your home.


Cylindrical Locks


Cylindrical locks are the most common and traditional locking system that you can see on the front door of most homes in the country. As the name indicates, a cylindrical lock will have a cylinder in the lock and homeowners will need a matched key to open the door.


The lock unit of cylindrical locking systems will be housed in the door itself. The lock unit can be easily replaced or removed if there is an issue with the locking system. You will be able to see cylindrical locks with double cylinder and single cylinder options in the market.


Mortise Handle Locks


Mortise handle locks are equipped with a hand-piece that will allow users to easily open doors. In addition to that, these types of door lever locks have a lever door handle and a deadlock that will work simultaneously to ensure that the locks are working properly.


One of the best things about the mortise handle lock is that it has an excellent strong locking mechanism. As a result, they are able to offer increased security to homes, which is why they are one of the most preferred options of homeowners when selecting front door locks.


Mechanical Deadbolt Locks


If you are looking for a lock that offers increased protection for the front door of your home, then you should consider investing in a mechanical deadbolt lock. The high durability of mechanical deadbolt locks has urged several homeowners to choose them over other lock replacement options.


The mechanism of mechanical deadbolt locks is simple and secure. An interesting point to note is that these types of locks do not use any spring for opening the door. You can see mechanical deadbolt locks with single and double cylinder options in the market.


Smart Locks


In simple words, smart locks can be defined as locks that can be controlled with tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Smart locks can be remotely controlled by homeowners even when they are not physically present in front of the lock.


There has been a considerable increase in the popularity of smart locks over the last few years. Now, let us take a quick look at some of the common types of smart locks.


        Fingerprint Locks

        Keypad Entry Locks

        Electronic Deadbolt Lock


The increasing popularity of smart locks is mainly because they all are able to offer a strong level of safety to homeowners. In addition to that, the ability to control locks whenever and wherever you want through electronic devices is something that most homeowners will find useful and convenient. However, the cost of smart locks can be quite high, but you will still be able to find affordable smart locks in the market.

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