Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Kids

Children's vision is usually developed, so whether the kid requires corrections or has special needs, the stakes are pretty high when it comes to choosing the right prescription that fits the kid's sunglasses. Wrong prescriptions or fits that are slightly off can cause more complications.


Experts emphasize that a kid's world can change entirely when they put on eyewear. The eyes and brain have to work together to force eye muscles to correctly align for depth perception and focus, so parents do not want their children to be looking below or above their lenses. Professionals are responsible for these prescriptions. But the next step is up to the parents, so make sure to be prepared, and they need to take their time, especially with the kid's first pair of sunglasses.


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How to shop for children's first sunglasses


According to professionals, fitting children with their first eyewear is a big event, and everyone wants it to go as smoothly as possible. With little to no preparation and background information, parents can help the process of finding and fitting children's eyewear an excellent experience. The ultimate goal is for children to wear what they purchase, so there are tons of elements people need to consider.


Talk with the kid: Tell them sunglasses are cool


Prepare the kid by talking to them before going to the mall or the eye doctor. The experience can usually feel intimidating - so much so that there are tons of children's picture books dedicated to this subject. Experts highly recommend that parents read one of these books with their kids.


In general, talk to children about wearing eyepieces. Explain to them that wearing them can provide clear vision, safety, and comfort. Tell them that these things are very important for everything from doing well in school to playing their favorite games.


Parents can point out a couple of their favorite cartoon characters that wear sunglasses. Experts also emphasize the importance of planning their shop or clinic visit at a time when their kid is more likely to feel relaxed and rested - not after a lengthy eye examination or when they are tired or hungry. Let them bring their favorite teddy bear or toy robot.


Function and fit over fashion: Frame and lens checklist


Wearing fashionable sunglasses like Saint Laurent Glasses is fun, but it can also be impractical. Parents need to consider that a lot of noses have not developed enough to form bridges at this age. Eyepieces with wide spaces between these lenses can slip down so much that children look after them, defeating the purpose of wearing one.


In general, parents need to avoid noise pads - it is the small pieces between lenses. These things can bend out and can cause discomfort, as well as throwing eyepiece frames off-kilter.


The latest fashion trend in eyewear frames is rubberized and bendy material. Not only is it pretty durable but it also offers the best fit. Rubberized eyewear frames come in various colors and are pretty inexpensive, and the pads are part of the device.


Spring hinges are also an excellent choice for young kids and toddlers. It allows their temple to flex outward and away from the eyewear frame without damaging the item. It also helps the user with the need for frequent repairs and adjustments.

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