In this era of online marketing, it is essential to make unique and eye-catching videos to sell your products or services effectively.

However, only professional designers could make amazing animated videos previously.

But now, in 2021, anyone can make interactive text videos with text video maker software. You can add sparkle to the text, move it in various directions and change colors and size.

This post brings you the best text video maker hacks that will help make your videos interesting and attention-grabbing in no time.

  • Text Must be Readable:
    To make an outstanding text video, it is essential to make it easy to read. What is the point of making a text video if your audience is unable to read it? If the objects in the background are moving, the text should still be easy to read.

    Blurring your video when a text appears provides an amazing effect. You can use both vignette and local blurring. Both works great.

  • Create a Contrast Between the Text and Background:

    Adjusting the background according to the text is essential. If your background is dark, use a lighter color for text. And if the background is light, use darker colors for text.

    Moreover, blurring the video makes the text sharper and easier to read. You can add dark areas behind the text or at the edges to pop up the text.
  • Use Appropriate Font Styles:

    Font Styles also affect the attractiveness of a video greatly. Use blocky fonts for headings. Try to use fonts with bold and italic variations.
    The best way to choose an appropriate font is by choosing the theme of the video first. Moreover, try to use fewer words to keep the audience engaged.
  • Add colors, Motion Styles, and other elements:
    Colors should be selected wisely, as they are important in the representation of a brand. On the other hand, they are important to set a tone. For example, if you are making a video on a wedding, the color scheme must be bright and vibrant.
    Furthermore, motion styles and transitions make your text video much more interesting than static text. Text Video Maker apps provide libraries of icons and objects to make videos more interesting.

Mango Animate: Best Text Video Maker:

Now various text video maker apps are introduced, helping you make your text video.

  • One of them is Mango Animate Text Video Maker software.
  • This software has numerous built-in features that can take your text videos to another level.
  • MangoAnimate Text Video Maker offers various text to animation topography that instantly gets your text moving.
  • Motion transitions include bounce in, slide in, typewriter effect, and much more.
  • Mango Animate Text Video Maker is compatible with various social media platforms. You can export your text to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., in any size and format.

With the help of these easy hacks and Mango Animate text video maker, you can make professional-looking videos in no time.