Consider These Things Before You Get a Tattoo

Tattoos can be fantastic ways to express yourself, and there are many talented artists out there who can give you a stunning piece of work on your body forever. It is easy to see why some people get addicted to being inked, as these incredible pieces of art can represent all of the most important things to you and are a way you can share that with the world. It also looks cool as hell! However, before you decide to take a seat in the artist’s chair, take the time to consider the following. 

Are You Sure?

Yes, you can get a tattoo removed at a later date if you donot want it anymore, but this is a painful, expensive procedure that can potentially leave you with a scar. To avoid all of this, make sure you are certain that you want a tattoo before you get one. You should also think carefully about the design you want, and whether it is something you will still love years later. For example, are you planning to get your current beau’s name tattooed across your heart? Well, even if you feel like you will be together forever right now, the truth is you never know what will happen! Try to show your love in another way, otherwise you might end up with a painful, permanent reminder of love gone wrong. 

Size and Position

Another thing you should consider is how big you want your tattoo to be and where it should be positioned on your body. Some people prefer to have tattoos in areas that can be covered up when the occasion calls for it, whereas others are more than happy to have their ink on display at all times. This is entirely up to you, but again think carefully as once it is done there is no going back. If you are unsure, speak to your tattoo artist for advice. 

Find a Reputable Artist

You must get your tattoo from a qualified tattoo artist that has a clean studio. Take your time to research tattoo artists in your area to find one that can do a fantastic, professional job so you get the best results. You should also take a look at their portfolio as well to make sure that their style is something you like. You can see a good example of a tattoo artist's portfolio at Lighthouse Tattoo. If you have friends who have tattoos, ask them if they can make any recommendations to you as this is usually the best way to determine how good an artist is. 


You will have to look after your tattoo for a few weeks while it heals, so this is another thing you need to be willing to commit to. It can be mildly uncomfortable and itchy during this time, but there is also the risk of infection. Your tattoo artist will walk you through the aftercare routine to help you minimize the risk of infection and to make sure your tattoo heals properly.

Make sure you have thought through all of the above before you get your tattoo, otherwise you may regret it.

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