Technology-Infused Safety System: A Company’s Million-Dollar Saver


Accidents do happen all the time even in a workplace with robust safety and security protocols. This is all because accidents are inevitable. No one knows when and how it will happen nor even the people who will be involved. As part of the safety practices of every company, an incident report system is incorporated but it is usually done manually which is prone to delays in filing and processing. Now that the technology is evolving, safety evolved, too, in workplaces through the utilization of a fast and real-time technology-infused safety. It is a system run by a company configured software that automatically notifies the management of any existing incidents within the premises to protect the most valuable asset of the company—its people. Get to know how this system works and how it’s saving companies.

The Essence of Incident Report in a Workplace

An incident report is a tool used for documenting unexpected events in a workplace that cause damage to the company’s properties or harm to its employees. Its sole purpose is to record these incidents, which will be used during the investigation and analysis, to find the root cause and to identify what corrective actions must be taken by the management to reduce the potential risks and prevents its likelihood to occur in the future. This reporting system is employed because some accidents are caused by human error that demands accountability from the guilty personnel. It is also used as a basis for giving just compensation to the injured worker particularly if the accident suddenly happened on site. The report can be filed by any employee who has witnessed or experienced the accident for the following reasons:


       To call for immediate reinforcements from the management particularly the safety and security department.

       To raise awareness by identifying the potential risks and uncontrollable hazards found in the worksite and communicating the threat it imposes based on the filed incident report.

       To demand continuous improvements on the safety protocol from the management which amplifies the overall safety and security within the organization.

4 Types of  Incidents

To file an incident report, all employees must be aware of its types.

1.      Adverse events refer to medical-related reinforcements which worsen the health or injured condition of an employee.

2.      Near misses refer to incidents that can potentially harm a worker.

3.      No harm events refer to identifying potential hazards that need to be communicated across the organization to raise awareness.

4.      Sentinel events refer to accidents that resulted in serious physical or psychological injury including death which can be further typified to its sub-classes.

a.       Employee injury incident

b.      Environmental incident

c.       Property damage incident

d.      Vehicular incident

e.       Fire incident


In general, having an automated incident report system aids the company in minimizing work injury-related expenses.

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