How to Choose Rugs for the Kids’ Bedroom?

Kids’ rooms are considered one of the best spaces to exhibit resourcefulness since everybody loves to spend time here. Owing to providing a great deal of warmth and comfort, a rug is perhaps the most significant element to incorporate. The kids can draw, read, play, and crawl on the rug.

Considering the multiple functions that the rugs serve, one may think it is quite challenging to choose the right one for the kids’ room. Do not worry because this is where the experience of the interior designers comes to aid. Mentioned below are a few tips to help in such a quest.

How to Choose Rugs for the Kids’ Bedroom?


1.Take Into Account the Kids’ Age

When one decorates their kids’ room, they must immerse themselves in the world of the kids. The habits and preferences of the kids change too frequently. This is why before choosing a rug, please take into their age.

The experts providing the best childrens bedroom rugs said for a toddler, it is better to pick something plush and soft. Go for natural materials like cotton. Also, find a stain-resistant rug that can be machine washed in a seamless manner.

When the kids start school, opt for a low pile rug. It is easier to walk on, rest, study, and play with toys. This is the time when the kids love staying on the floor and explore their bedroom. They use the floor as their playground, table, etc.

2.Select a Theme

The design procedure must have a definite theme because it enables the room to tell a story through patterns and colors without becoming too chaotic or overwhelming. If the kid has an eclectic bedroom filled with different shades, they must apply the same to the rug. If the kid’s bedroom has paler shades, choose a chic shabby rug. Adhere to a definite colour palette and extract inspiration from the walls or furniture.

3.Do Not be Scared of Rugs of Bold Colors

The adults usually opt for beige and gray rugs or stick to the neutral shades and stay on the safe side. The children, however, appreciate splashes of colour on the floors. Colour triggers their imagination and creativity to make the room look fascinating. A colorful rug will brighten the atmosphere while adding cheerfulness. Kids can express themselves much better out here.

4.Listen to Clients

It is quite easy to get distracted with the design. However, before finalizing the decision on what to purchase, please ask the clients. In this case, it is the kids. Listen attentively what the kids like. While some children hate plush rugs and longer piles, others enjoy being submerged in that type of coziness. Most children will also have a say regarding the color choice.

5.Check the Tag

Check the properties specified in the tag before buying the rug. Natural materials such as wool, cotton, silk, bamboo, and jute are ideal options for kids. Also, the rugs must be stain-resistant and machine washable. This ensures the rugs remain clean as well as free of germs always.

Purchase kids bedroom rugs from a provider who assures quality along with affordability. Also, pay attention to maintenance. Regularly vacuum, stay away from DIY cleaning methods, clean the rugs professionally after every few years, and rotate the rugs to alleviate wear and tear.

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