Top Fashion Trends To Know In China


The Chinese New Year is right around the corner, and it's time to start wearing your new favorite trend. This year in particular, there are some major fashion trends that will be seen all over the country. From milky-white skin tones to neon blue hair, these styles can cause a sensation. Read on to see what the top fashion trends for 2019 are in China.

What are the top trends for 2019 in China?

1. Neon blue hair

2. Milky-white skin tones

3. Long, wavy hair

These are the top fashion trends to know this year.

The Top Fashion Trends to Know in China

- Neon colors: Neon colors are all the rage this year. In fact, a white complexion is not a must anymore. This year, it's totally acceptable to have a milky white skin tone and wear neon colors.

- Puffy coats: It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, there are plenty of puffy coats for you to choose from. In particular, there's an abundance of bright colors for these coats to be seen in 2019.

Where can you find these trends?

The first place to look for these trends is in China. Of course, these trends can be found everywhere - but it's nice to know that they are most prevalent in China.

If you're not lucky enough to live in China, there are still ways to get your hands on these styles. You might have to shop online or ask around locally for someone who has access to the trend items.

The good news is that while these trends are mainly seen in China, you can totally wear them even if you don't live there!


The top fashion trends for 2019 in China are going to be popular this year, but only if you know where to find them. The trends will be popping up in the most unexpected places — they don’t just happen on the runway. These are the top trends to know this year and they are going to be the hottest thing in China this year.

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