Fashion Trends For Horses This Year

Rugs of different types are needed and used by the concerned owners to cover their horses. As human beings, there are endless options to choose from as far as clothing in the form of rugs for the horses are concerned. 

Also, fashion trends keep on changing and reviving overtime for the horse rugs as well. As per the comfort level of the horses, the design and overall makeover of the rugs are changed more often to make the same better. Let us now have a look at some of the latest fashion trends for horses this year.

Full Body Cover Rugs

One of the latest fashion trends for horse stable rugs is the full body cover type rugs. Rather than just covering the back of the horse, such rugs are meant to cover the entire body right from the neck to the back to the tail. Such covers are designed quite wonderfully and frilling is also used to give light extension to the rugs so that the horses may easily and comfortably carry the rugs without any issues.

Fleece Rugs For Warmth

Again it is a popular trend in the current year as far as horse rugs are concerned. Primarily, these rugs are meant for providing extra warmth to the body of the horse during extremely cold weather conditions. The fleece is used in such a way that the overall look of the rugs remains unaffected.

Rugs With Patterned Designing

Apart from other features of the rugs, these are also revived based on their design or printing. The rugs with patterned designing such as polka dots, floral patterns and so on are gaining widespread popularity. Such rugs are quite pleasing to the eyes and hence catch the attention of anyone. You may make your horse look distinct by making it wear rugs with a patterned design.

Plain Rugs Are Also In Trend

Like patterned designing rugs, plain rugs are equally liked and used by the respective owners for their horses. These rugs are manufactured in single colour or some contrasting colours to impart a unique look to the entire rug.

Pocketed Rugs Are Getting Popular

The horse stable rugs are also equipped with pockets as per the latest fashion trends. Chiefly, the pockets are meant to keep accessories of the horse riders or something else that may be needed when they are riding their horse. Pockets are designed and attached to the rugs in such a way that these make the rug quite attractive.

These are all some of the latest fashion trends for the horses this year. By getting your horse ready in an impressive manner, you may certainly steal the attention of anyone during some event, show or race.

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