Backup Plan for JEE : What to do if JEE Mains is not Cleared?

To get into a reputed engineering college, almost eighty per cent of the students often sit for JEE examinations every year. Every parent either admits their candidates into engineering colleges or makes doctors out of them. But unfortunately, each year a lot of students couldn’t clear their JEE examination and ended up dropping out with broken confidence. Many such students also end up giving up on themselves, and some get engaged in various unsocial activities like getting addicted to drinks, drugs, etc.

Now the question is what to do? How could they be admitted into engineering colleges? Or is there any backup plan for them? What should be their next step? While searching for the answers for them, I have come up with certain alternatives that could help them get their minds and hearts on track and start all over in a new way.

Backup plan for JEE:

We all know that the JEE examination is done to select students for engineering colleges. But to be frank, it is not the only examination which you can sit for. There are numerous other exams for engineering colleges, such as KVPY, IISERs, etc. Thus, our ancestors used to utter a great proverb that does not put all your eggs in a single basket. So do not focus your time on qualifying for a single exam; if you can’t clear it, you will end up with nothing. But if you sit for other similar exams too, then though you couldn’t clear your JEE examinations, you could easily get something similar.

What if you couldn’t clear your JEE examinations?

For instance, if you couldn’t clear the JEE examinations, you have two ways in front of you. First, you need to gather your courage and confidence and start preparing for JEE for the upcoming year. Or, you need to sit for other similar examinations, through which you will be able to get admission to engineering colleges other than IITs.

You may wonder, how could I suggest for the examinations other than JEE, as you may need to start it all over again. Well, to your concern, I want to inform you that all the related examinations like WBJEE, VITEEE, BITSAT, etc., often possess a similar syllabus. Such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. If you are preparing for JEE, then no need to pay extra attention to the syllabus of such exams. If you couldn’t clear the JEE examinations, you could easily clear these examinations. All you want is to gather your confidence and patience and start preparing for such exams. 

If you have enthusiasm in science and engineering, you could easily appear for other exams like IISc., GATE, CUET or common University entrance test, NEET, COMEDK, etc.; there are numerous sources where you could put yourself into.

Hence, in conclusion, we can say that do not lose hope; if one way gets shattered, another gate opens for you. JEE is not the ultimate exam that leads to the engineering courses; you can also get admission into engineering through various other kinds of exams such as WBJEE, AP EAMCET, KEAM, etc.

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