Confused about what to buy this rainy season? Here is the footwear list for you!

Monsoon is the most-awaited season because it not only brings relief from the heat but is also the season of love. The only drawback about monsoon is that you can’t flaunt your style freely, especially if you tend to wear a raincoat or a windcheater over your clothes. 

However, that shouldn’t stop you from showing off your fashionable style. While you need to be careful about your clothes during monsoon, you can definitely amp up your personal style with the best footwear. Men crocs are the monsoon staple that one must have because they are water-resistant but also stylish. 

Men’s crocs have made their way on global ramps too, so what’s stopping you from sporting them this monsoon? Men’s crocs are versatile because you can sport them with your casuals and semi-casuals, and thanks to the number of colours they are available in, you can experiment with your style. 

The best part about investing in men’s crocs is that they have holes on top of them, which means if you accidentally step into a puddle, the water will drain out quickly. This feature keeps your feet dry and happy. The arch on the back ensures your feet are well supported and don’t slip off when it pours cats and dogs. Men crocs are lightweight, and the rubber sole gives you enough grip to not slip while walking. Apart from these, there are other men’s shoes that you can invest in this monsoon.

  1. Cordovan leather shoes: Cordovan leather shoes are a must-have for those who cannot do meetings in their flip-flops. The cordovan leather is naturally water-resistant and the most expensive one, but hey, at least you will be able to shine in your dapper office look even if it’s pouring crazy.

  2. Waterproof leather boots: Who says you need to tone down your look during monsoon? On casual days in the office, opt for waterproof leather boots with higher ankles, which will keep your feet a few inches off the ground and protected from the rainwater. 

  3. Slip-on rain galoshes: You can still wear your favourite shoes even if it’s raining. Wonder how? Just put on the slip-on rain galoshes on top of your shoes like a sock. They are highly stretchable and tear-resistant. Plus, you can take them off once you reach your destination easily.

  4. Sneaker rain shoes: If you are a sneaker-head and cannot do without your sneakers, opt for sneaker rain shoes where the cuff goes up to the ankles and are waterproof. They are lightweight enough to walk around and make for a perfect non-bulky rain boots option.

  5. Duck hunting shoes: If you want to go camping with your pals this monsoon, don’t forget to put on your duck hunting shoes. These classic outdoorsy shoes will fit like a glove. They will give your feet the much-needed warmth and extra insulation during the monsoon, which makes them a perfect buy this rainy season. 

This rainy season, keep up with your trending style, one pair of shoes at a time.

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