3 Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills With Glaziers


An exponential increase in energy units, and energy bills, yet the salary increments remain negligible in front of energy bills. In such cases, almost everyone is out looking for methods to reduce the enormous energy bills, and on top of all global warming, is always up for a new challenge: creation of an extremely harsh climate, where it is impossible to not use conditioning, refrigerators, which further adds to the energy bills.

In such dire conditions where paying such bills is not an option yet, we can reduce the energy consumption to a certain level, the only solution to this is that one could monitor the wastage of energy. How is this possible, an answer to this could be the ingress and egress points? Now stats tell us that 30% of the total heat loss from your home is from the windows of the home, no matter how tightly you close them it always finds its way. Since we cannot reduce the heat loss to absolute zero but what can be made possible is that we can make it negligible.

Whenever you go out to buy new homes the seller is always stressing about energy-efficient houses, generally, people rush to buy these houses, but have you guys ever wondered that can your existing houses be made energy efficient? The answer to this is yes, it is possible to make any house energy efficient.

1. First Step To Energy-Efficient Houses

As we all have seen, the maximum amount of heat loss in a house is through the ingress and egress points, leading to high energy bills. So if you don’t want your dollars flying out of the windows, maintain your exits. Among the doors and windows, windows cause greater heat loss. Generally, we forget to close the window or utmost care is not taken in the window maintenance. Greater heat loss will lead to more energy requirements to maintain your desired temperature, hence more dollars running out. Here, we need something that makes your windows and doors well-insulated. It helps in regulating the interior temperature. There has been this technique of glazing in which the glass is well fitted by the glaziers who are industrially trained to reduce heat loss and maintain the perfect indoor temperature.

2. The Glazing Options

Talking about the glazing alternatives, there are a number of glazing alternatives from which a person can choose depending upon the requirement of his/her house. But choosing which glazing will suit your home climate, and housing style is itself a task. For this either you can consult your glaziers, or can refer to the blogs, and people who have installed them.  I would suggest you better speak to a trained professional, for the best viable option for your house, as he has the most knowledge.

Glaziers often provide us with a variety of options to choose from, often asked are the double glazing, triple glazing, and low e-coatings.  Before understanding the difference between these one should know that glazing the windows or doors is done via vacuum closing so that air cannot pass through.

Further in addition to glazing one can add low e-coating to the glass planes, a thin transparent film that increases the efficiency of the glass planes in the house. One can always add a window covering film and window curtains to further reduce the overpriced energy bills.


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