How Does Spirit’s Refund Policy Work?


Are there any risks that your planned trip with Spirit will be canceled? Do not worry. You may rest easy knowing that Spirit Airlines' refund policy is flexible. The airline understands that crises might occur. And we're left with no choice but to answer those.

That's why its refund policy helps to reduce our ticket cancelation issue to some level. So, without more delay, check out the account below to learn how to request a refund from Spirit Airlines and make your ticket cancellation.

What Is Spirit Airlines' Refund Policy?

Understand Spirit Airlines' refund policy before requesting a refund. This allows you to go without any complications. Here are the rules and regulations objectives –

Cancel a ticket within 24 hours after booking if the scheduled flight departs after at least 7 days. If you meet both conditions, the airline will return the entire money. Regardless of what kind of ticket you purchased.

Tickets that are canceled due to an untimely passing in the immediate family do not incur cancellation costs.

If you acquired your tickets through someone else, please contact them to request a refund.

If the carrier cancels the trip, you will not have to pay a cancellation fee. 

If you purchased by credit card, Spirit Airlines will initiate your refund within seven days. But, money made through other methods will be refunded within 20 days.

For further details about the refund, please contact the airline's customer service agent.  

How can I get a refund from Spirit Airlines? 

Spirit Airlines accepts refund requests via a variety of channels. The airline has created online and offline techniques. So that you can claim your refund whenever it is most appropriate for you.

Now, let's look at each sort of refund. 

Online Refund Method

Through the Spirit Airlines website

To get a Spirit flight ticket refund, complete the easy steps listed below:

Visit Spirit Airlines' official website.

Fill in the information requested on the online form.

Click the Submit button.

The airline will receive your refund request.

The Spirit Airlines Refund Office will respond within twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours.

Refund via email: 

Draft and send to Spirit Airlines. The email must include the explanations for cancelling and asking for a refund. Once you've completed the draft, send it to the airline's official email address. You will receive a response as soon as an agent has reviewed your Spirit Airlines ticket refund email.

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The airline will next handle your refund if it determines that you are qualified for one. 

Offline Refund Method: Phone Call

If you can't acquire a refund online, try the offline option. It necessitates you to call an airline's customer service agent. Here's how you do it. 

Simply dial

Follow the IVR directions.

Follow the prompts provided.

Request a refund once you have been connected to a live agent.

The executive will determine your eligibility for the same.

The refund qualifying conditions include either possessing a Spirit Airlines refundable ticket or having enough reasons for cancelling it.

If you happen to be qualified, the travel company will send you a refund.   

Please take note

You may have requested a refund in any method of your choice. However, the airline will return your money employing the initial method of payment. If your tickets are non-refundable, you will be issued a flight credit or trip money that can be used on future Spirit flights.

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In summary, you are covered by Spirit Airlines' refund policies. The airline acknowledges the circumstances that may have led you to cancel your reservation. That is why Spirit Airlines has developed a clever refund policy.

So, if your holiday plans are canceled, don't worry about losing your ticket price. The airline refunds you the most amount workable, so you continue to benefit.