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Career Guidance after Class 12 – Experts Suggestions

12th standard examination plays an indispensable role in every student’s life as it helps them to choose their career and prepare for a professional life ahead. In academic year 2016-2017, the exams were commenced on 9th March and ended on 10th April. According to the members of CBSE boards, the results of class 12th CBSE exam will most likely be announced by the end of May.
Once the results of 12th exams, CBSE are declared every student who had appeared for the board will have a clearer picture on the choice they are going to make about their career and profession. Not only are the students, the parents of the aspiring candidates equally anxious about his or her performance.

What to take up after Class 12th


Most of the students have already decided on the streams i.e. science, arts or commerce after the 10th exams and have taken preparation accordingly for the subjects in 12th. There are some students who take up both math and biology in 12th and surprisingly perform well in both the subjects. Such a situation then creates a dilemma on which career to go for after 12th.
There are students doing fashion courses or taking up art and acting classes. Some are going for researches in a specific subject. Hence the question to choose your career after 12th becomes very important. So be aware of what you choose and take time to decide and then go for the subject and career of your choice instead of blindly following the crowd. 

Listen to the Inner Call


Every student has a dream career and profession but often falls prey to the society’s pressure and chooses the career suggested by others. Do not just go for engineering or medical or CA because you have a good rank in PCMB and the crowd tells you to do so cbse 10th result 2017.
Your inner calling and heart’s desire is far more important and hence think about your passion and dreams. Take the career that you have always dreamt of or profession you aspired for. It could be a teacher or fashion designer or even interior designer or anything of your choice. 

Seek advice from Counsellor


Counsellors can help you battle the thoughts in your mind about your career choice. So, if you are confused and being influenced by the outer world about your career choice, it is best to seek help from a career counsellor.

The High-Speed Airsoft Bb Guns

Airsoft guns are mostly used in police and military training academies. In these training academies, these guns are used for close quarrel battles. That is these guns are used for the battle that lies between certain small ranges. Similarly, these guns are mainly used in airsoft sports. These guns are available in different forms such as electric guns, spring guns, and gas guns etc. One can purchase these guns as per the need. 

These Airsoft bb guns UK are available in top airsoft guns manufacturers. Users can get quality airsoft guns from these manufacturers. These companies manufacture products such as Rif guns, sniper rifles, lasers, scopes, batteries, ammo, targets, revolvers, grenade launchers, mounts and much more. Users can get their needed airsoft gun and fulfill their needs from these airsoft guns manufacturers. Also, these airsoft bb guns are available at low price. 

What is the use of an Airsoft bb gun?

Both bb guns and pellets are lumped together. Both of these are separate devices which use compressed air to fire projectiles. This is the reason for calling these guns as air guns. The bullets used for these guns are not always interchangeable. The airsoft bb guns can fire at a speed of up to 550 feet per second. So, most of the military and police training academies make use of these guns. 

These guns are provided by Airsoft retailers UK. These retailers provide all types of airsoft bb guns. Not only guns, but also these retailers provide other parts that are used on these guns. These bb guns make use of any of the operating mechanisms that are used for air guns. The airsoft bb guns mostly have limited accuracy and short range. Due to this reason, a simpler and less expensive mechanism is generally used for designing these guns. 

BB guns retailers

Users can get these airsoft bb guns from a number of retailers. These retailers offer bb guns in various models on the market. Also, a number of online airsoft manufacturing companies provide airsoft bb guns on the market. Users can get any model of bb guns from these companies. The main reason for using these guns is the shooting speed. Generally, the airsoft bb guns shoot at a higher speed than other model guns. This is because of the air it uses. These guns should be handled carefully because the shooting speed of this gun is very high and may cause injury if it is wrongly handled.

How to write Lyrics that leave an Impact

If you are planning to create your own songs online, you will still need to write your lyrics. It is possible that you are one of those songwriters who enjoy the poetic side of writing lyrics, but it could also be the case where you don’t really enjoy it much. And in such a case you need a guide to help you plan, writing your lyrics in a way that your song conveys an impactful message to the audience.
We have mentioned below the best ways for you to create lyrics with ease.
Purpose of the Song

Good songs in a well-known music are not only about beats or melodies. Songs need to be written with some sort of purpose behind them as well. The lyrics of a song impact emotions, thoughts, a story, an image or a mood and this is what sets one song different from another. AQ song can inspire or give us a reason to think as well. So the first thing to plan is to think of a meaning your song will convey

Song’s Rhythm

If your song’s lyrics are not in rhythm with the instruments or the music, it will not look in sync and will not do justice to the meaning or the melody of the song. Your song should be powerful, yet effective in a way that it leaves a strong feeling behind after it is heard.

Sound of the Words

It is obvious that some words sound better than others in the lyrics. However, it is also seen that sometimes words which might not even have any meaning are used in a song and they do a great job since they soundgood. Sometimes the same lyrics might distract a listener or might have a good impact on them. You can also use synonyms or phrases to replace certain words, if you feel it is required. Find out creative ways to say what you want to say so that your fans also like what they hear. Finally, choose words that flow well with your music and your song will be a success!

Make your Song Unforgettable

You might have noticed that many songs sound pretty much same. Hence it is important that the song you write stand out. You can simply describe what you wish to say in a unique way or use words which help you to differentiate your songs from others. Look for more memorable ways to write your lyric with the right rhythm and syllables.

Create Your Identity

When your song comes out on the radio, it should sound that it is your song and not just another one from other singers. You can create your identity with your song by using a unique intro or with some words, metaphors and sentences which are specific to your songs. Why not you create your own songs online and become a well-known singer.

Smart Window Replacements - Control the Sun With a Switch

The smart glass is one of the latest technological innovations. It is also called the Switchable glass. The smart glass functions by controlling the amount of light entering into your home. Most people are gradually switching to this groundbreaking technological innovation as the glass is made to help moderate light penetrate into your home. Need the best profession for your window replacement? Home Tech is your best option

How does Smart Glass Work

The window panes in a smart glass have the ability to dim and brighten. However, these moderations depend on the type of smart window installed. Some windows come with a switch, used to control the level of opacity. Though there are smart Windows that operate themselves without human control, they have been made to react to the rate of light penetration automatically.  These window panes operate in the same way as sunglasses, which help to adjust the level of light penetration. This technology is referred to as photochromic technology. The application of Photochromic technology enables window to control light penetration automatically.  There are other smart windows built with thermotropic panes, but do not respond to manual operation or level of light penetration. This type of window controls light penetration according to the level of heat detected by the glass.  But the major disadvantage of the photochromic  window type is that the light penetration to your home is already pre determined. It is however impossible to control the level of light penetration into your home. During winter months, thermotropic window can't work properly because low heat won’t allow it tint properly, while the photochromic window will act as radiant barrier thus preventing solar energy from heating the home through window replacement
 Technological advancements in chemical engineering have paved way for improvement in the way smart glasses operate by allowing smart glasses to be controlled manually. A similar advancement is in suspended particle devices where a conductive glaze covers the panes of glass in window replacements. When denied an electrical current the elements block the light and remain opaque until a switch is tripped. When the circuit completes the particles line up and become transparent, allowing light to pass through.
 Liquid Crystal Replacement Windows 

Liquid crystal function like the SPD technology where panes are in a black and white until a current is passed through the panes, allowing liquid crystal to come together for light to pass through,  once electric current is removed, the window panes return to their previous black and white state.

 Why Advanced Technology for Window Replacements? 

Though some might wonder why replace your curtains with smart windows when they also perform the same function which is to prevent light penetration. But it is noteworthy to say that curtains still allow some level of light penetration,  no matter how tightly closed; this is not the case with  a smart window. You can't go wrong with smart windows replacements in your home. If there are recurring problems with your traditional window frames,  then it's advisable to opt for smart windows replacement.

Important Facts On Security Guard Training

if you are looking to kick-start a career as a security guard, it is advised that you enroll yourself for a security guard training program to make finding a good job easier and ensuring that you don’t wreck yourself by not being prepared. Northern Force Security is a full service security provider able to meet all of your safety and security needs.

You would need to keep in mind that this job is not as easy as it seem. You will be left in charge of the safety of your client, their property and also others within your care. The job may appear to be easy initially, but there may come a time where circumstances will require that you recall and put into action every inch of experience and training you have amassed to guarantee that everybody else and including yourself is safe.

The Importance of Training

Not everybody is interested in going for a security guard training. Others boast that they can learn on the job and so it is a waste of time and money.

This may be the situation for some, but with a standard set for everything these days, having a license issued to you after the completion of a security guard training program would put you at an advantage.

The experience and knowledge you stand to gain from the training are one of the major reasons why you should opt in for the course. You will be trained based on scenarios that are common with your job and how best to handle them. 

Another valuable reason is the future stability of your preferred career. Having a license obtained when you complete a security guard training program would put the odds in your favor when you go job hunting or even get promoted in a short while depending on your performance.

Training Program

Similar course outline is used in the different schools that offer security guard training. Only the legal code may vary, as it differs from state to state or the company policy especially if the school offering the program is training you for an instant employment position.

Generally, the program would entail both on-the-field training in addition to classes on the different topics related to your preferred profession.

The Power of Arrest is the most vital course in the security guard training seeing as this is the primary requirement for any security personnel in the field.

Remember that the main job of a security guard is to maintain order and safety of the jurisdiction they are placed in charge of and arrest any offenders before they can cause harm to your employer. It is paramount that a security guard learns how to make an arrest that can be backed up legally and obviously ensuring that the arrest does not your put your employer at risk in any form.

Public relations is another important course entailed in the security guard training program. Seeing as you would be the new face of the company, it is important that you represent your employer positively, thus, you would be trained on your “people skill” so you can handle dealing with a wide range of people.

Best BMW’s of All Time That Will Take Your Heart Away

BMW is not just a car brand- it’s a lifestyle. If you own a BMW, that says a lot of you, your lifestyle. This is a car that encompasses comfort, luxury, style before anything else. Infact is it often said that once your own a BMW, you can’t get back to driving anything else. (which means once a BMW drives, always a BMW driver) That is the power of the car.

BMWs have been known in history for their matchless class and timeless beauty. However old a BMW, it will never lose it class. They are gorgeous cars that only get more gorgeous with age.
If you’ve ever ridden a BMW you know what exactly we are talking about but if you haven't, then there is good opportunity for you, as you can buy used BMW 7 series in Delhi from Big Boy Toyz at very reasonable rates.
Now that you’re convinced about how good a BMW really is, we ought to tell you about the best BMWs of all time. The history stands as evidence, about how this has always been considered as the best cars that are desired by people through all ages, genders. Classes, and countries alike. That is the power of this car.
So, let’s have a look at the best BMWs that were there:
1.      BMW 328:
The best sports car ever, as many call it- BMW 328 is the car that comes to mind of every sports enthusiast. The car was introduced in 1936, and there was not a single sports car race it could not win.
2.         BMW 3.0 CSL
The European Touring Car Champion had to be held in 1972, so BMW came up BMW 3.0 CSL to compete with the other cars. This car was a big hit, the car had been lightened up by removing excess trim and taking off sound deadening. To be precise, this was the car of 1970’s.
3.         BMW 1 Series M Coupe
The car of all ages. This car was the car of new excuses. You want anything from a car? This car would have it. People still love this car like no other. This car is love.
4.         BMW 2002 Turbo
If there has been another sporty addition to BMW, this has been it. We are not saying that this car is epic but you can’t find something as good as this one till date. Sports car enthusiasts will know what we are talking about.
5.      BMW Z8
What is that word? Legendary. This is what we’d call this car. Everything about the car was so perfect that we can literally call it a dream car. If you have seen the James Bond movie- The world is not enough, this was the car. And the world is seriously not enough when it comes to the BMW Z8.
6.      BMW I8
We call this one the technological marvel. Oh yes, sitting and driving in this car feels surreal. The car does not just look seriously gorgeous but is also highly efficient. If you see something on the street looking like it's come from the future. This is the car!
By now we know that you are already drooling, so we would not like to tease you more. But still we would like to put in your knowledge that if you’re looking for a used BMW 7 series in Delhi, you have the chance to find it at a great price at Big Boy Toyz or can visit the website at
Anything and everything can change from time. But a BMW always stays a BMW. Does not lose its appeal in time!

Reasons You Need a Warehousing And Distribution Service

Many product developers and business owners may be looking for ways to expand their infrastructure in a way that would enhance growth for their business. There are a plethora of choices to choose from for warehousing and distribution services in Canada, so choose a provider that is best designed to cater to your needs and expectations. RTL has established its reputation within the marine containers market with a commitment to finding new and innovative methods of freight delivery to all our clients. You want only the best for your business and so you should not settle for a provider who offers anything less.

Warehousing and distribution are some of the best services a business owner can adopt to expand their business. These services not only provide logistical benefits as well as economic ones. Why should you use a warehousing and distribution service? Below are the some of the reasons:

1.    Warehousing and distribution services guarantee that your products’ outbound orders are filled promptly. A lot of these services provide an alternative called “safety stocking”. Safety stocking is basically ensuring that problems such as damaged goods or transportation delays won’t prevent the client from receiving their products as at when needed. Maintaining certain, fixed number of the products at the warehouse at all times is one of the best ways to achieve this.

2.    Having a warehouse means that all your products are at one central location for receiving, storage and shipping. The warehouse personnel handle every new shipment that comes into the warehouse. The shipments are identified, sorted and moved to a temporary storage location to get them ready for distribution. Storage includes the security used to secure the products, as well as ensuring that they are not destroyed in any form. Once the shipments are ready for delivery, each order is pulled, grouped together, packages and sent out for delivery.

3.    There are many logistical benefits attached to warehousing and distribution services. To ensure maximum revenue and growth, you want your products to come in and sent out to your clients as swiftly and efficiently as possible. This process is made faster and more efficient by the warehouse personnel. They maintain an organized workflow and consolidating orders. The lower cycle period helps to significantly slash costs. Furthermore, your customer would receive their products when due, thus living up to customer expectation too.

4.    To add to the logistical benefits, there are several economic advantages as well. As earlier mentioned, an efficient warehouse is sure to reduce costs through the reduced cycle times. This is also affected by consolidated orders. By merging orders that are meant for delivery to a particular location you significantly reduce the cost of transportation. Correct scanning, sorting and maintenance makes this achievable and maximizes your potential earnings and savings. Warehouses also serve as a buffer for demand and supply. For instance, if you record a sharp unpredicted decline in demand for your products, the warehouse can act as a storage facility until the demand surges again. This is also valuable if your products are available during a certain period. You can stock up on large numbers during the off-season.