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Why X-ray diffraction - XRD has become an indispensable form of analysis

There are basically two reasons which make X-ray diffraction (XRD) an indispensable form of analysis. One is that it is possible to obtain the sub-microscopic structure of any sort of material through this method and the second is the ease with which the information can be accurately obtained. The fine structure studies made possible by XRD, has become a valuable form of analysis. It is being increasingly used in a number of applications including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, cosmetics, metallurgy, nanotechnology, geology, etc. 

X-ray diffraction analysis is a powerful scientific method that can be used to maintain the quality of products throughout the manufacturing process.  XRD analysis helps determine the undisputed characterisation of each chemical compound.  Since it is possible to carry out analysis of a mixture, solid or a complex compound formation, XRD analysis is particularly useful in the formulation of pharmaceutical drugs. XRD testing is also used to determine the crystallinity ornon-crystallinity of a material, either in the solid state or in solution, as also the crystal size in microscopic as well as sub-microscopic ranges.

Other reasons why XRD has become an indispensable analysis method is because it is a rapid technique that is at the same time accurate. It provides unambiguous results from even a very small sample. It is also easy to interpret data in a short time because each chemical compound has a unique and different diffraction pattern. A mixture of compounds provides patterns of individual compounds and that is easy to compare to a database of patterns. There are a number of laboratories that have X-ray diffraction instrumentation but scientists need to be experienced to be able to accurately analyse the diffraction peaks.

One other area that is extremely helpful in pharmaceutical formulations is that XRD analysis helps to discover unexpected chemical reactions. It also enables detection of impurities and effect of these on compounds. XRD testing is also carried out to identify synthetic or natural substances or to ensure that the right materials are used in formulations. This is particularly useful in the cosmetic industry as through XRD you can estimate the extent of purity in soaps, lotions, shampoos, etc.

XRD analysis is useful at it brings understanding of the influence of different temperatures and atmosphere has on materials. These aspects help in quality control in food, pharmaceutical and other industries. An XRD lab analyses samples in a controlled environment so that materials do not have unwanted chemical reactions during the processes and this is particularly important in metallurgy.

X-Ray diffraction instrumentation accommodates the analysis of a number of XRD applications that determine structure, stress and texture measurement as well as phase analysis.Since X-Ray diffraction analysis is non-destructive it has become indispensable in analysing a huge range of materials like metals, ceramics, plastics, minerals, solar cells, conductors, etc. Any industry using these materials will find that XRD analysis is indispensable in quality control of processes as well as materials.  

Amazing ideas and tips for anniversary and celebrations

Weddings are beautiful and so are the wedding anniversary celebrations. Year after year, anniversary celebrations remind of how beautiful the wedding year has been. Celebrating the love, romance, togetherness, trust, and the company of your life partner is one of the best things to cherish for life. But, have you been thinking about some exciting and pleasing anniversary gift options? From a number of items available, people prefer gift vouchers, some refreshing combs, anniversary crystal gifts, showpieces, and so much more. 

Party popping ideas for the anniversary!

If you are celebrating your wedding anniversary for the 25th year, or if is the golden jubilee, celebrating it in quite a unique way is the major demand of the hour. Throwing an expressive party at some gorgeous locating with delicious food and soothing music, amidst your group of family, friends, and circle, is one wonderful thing. During this celebration, you can relive the moments of your wedding with all those vows taken. There is no better way to express your partner and relatives that you much adore this day and the celebrations with it. Alongside, there you can also surprise your life partner with some customized gift options, appealing anniversary crystal gifts, and so much more lovely presents. 

Anniversary gift ideas for him!

It is usually seen that looking for gift ideas for men is one of the most difficult things to do. Although there are a lot many options available in the market, finding an appropriate one with the accurate theme and feelings is quiet a difficult thing. One can always refer the wallets, perfumes, some great clothing, and other accessories that men usually use. Alongside, to make the anniversary gift a little more close and special, use papers to write down some verses and let your loved one know, how you feel for them. 

Appealing anniversary gift ideas for her!

Impressing a woman with a beautiful gift is challenging indeed. Do you have a special occasion coming up soon? Nevertheless, anniversary crystal gifts are one of the most magnificent options. Gifting a ring, necklace, some precious ornaments is a thing, but gifting something unique in crystal, now that’s a thing. You can choose from the crockery, some beautiful showpieces, crystal key chains, and so much more that stay as a token of affection and love with her. Alongside, you must also think of other options that may adore her and have her speechless with the gift given. 

Sharing the loved and adored emotions

The technology these days has advanced to a level where you can send your presents to anyone across any corner of the World. Be it the birthday, anniversary, promotion, Valentine’s or any other day, sending your gift in the form of love, is easier than ever. You can purchase almost everything online these days and send it to your close, special, and near ones. Sending anything, anywhere, is a lot easier, and conveys tons of love to the receiver. You can now easily impress your close ones and let the immortal love be sent to them, for any occasion, in a more creative way.

Guide for Fashion & Luxury Brands in China

The Chinese Luxury Current market has become probably the most sizeable from the earth. With burgeoning amounts of prosperity and disposable revenue appear transforming expectations from people.

THE DEFINITIVE Information TO Coming into THE CHINESE Luxury Market

Over the course of 2016, whole Chinese buyer expenditure rose by 7%, considerably high than world-wide ordinary degrees of 2.3% to the similar 12 months. Now in 2017 we are able to confirm that Luxury Items in China are forecast for being the seventh fastest-spending category

In spite of this sizeable marketplace, except you might be previously an established brand in China you might have some work to complete with regards to carving out a unique brand name picture and raising your reputation.

Intercontinental Demonstrates Luxury 

The Chinese backlash in opposition to community fakes and counterfeits is one of the reasons international luxurious choices are flourishing in China. To generally be a ‘foreign brand’ is now a byword for good quality, consequently lending by itself to this kind of luxurious branding and marketing. It is essential to get aware about this context, additionally, it heightens the value of an smart branding approach to the best, qualified platforms to high-net-worth individuals.



Focused Visibility & Name are a Luxurious brands greatest asset in a ‘digital centric’ industry. As a luxury proposition you need to build this strong brand status by focusing on particular platforms and communities.

The discerning Chinese fashionista spends on normal two hours per day browsing online. For high value products the level & degree of research by the customer is typically higher. Anyone who’s spent time in China will instantly notice how digitally orientated this modern society has become from WeChat, to Cross Border Commerce, Shopping Forums & PR you need to make an impact to your target demographic while in the online sphere if you happen to be going to drive sales.

This is often a case of the famous ‘Little Emperors Syndrome’, raising family wealth coupled with the A person Child Policy led to whole family units catering for a single child. As a result, more funds have been available to Millennials from wealthy backgrounds coupled with an insatiable shopper demand for quality brands. With such a huge surge of luxury enamoured youths across China, tapping into this current market and building brand loyalty can pay dividends for years to occur with men and women so early in their consumption life cycle.


This is a conundrum for many brands, do they approach expensive Chinese distributors and get their products stocked on shelves or is there a more cost-effective method? Chinese distributors are notoriously selective about which products they promote; they are looking for pre-existing sales, do not engage in branding (this component cannot be ignored!) and can be ruthless with a name for ‘racing to the bottom’ on price and service.
For luxurious these are images you’d certainly want to avoid as a serious market place entrant. The better approach is to build your brand, generate sales through cross border platforms & drive qualified prospects through digital efforts.

Once a brand is more established and has sales figures higher high quality distributors are keen to take to the product that function with other well-known luxury names.

Particularly in Luxurious no part with the impression and service can be compromised. Validate your concept online first, generate sales and then develop your distribution.


Alibaba’s flagship platform Tmall is reserved only the for most successful players, 85% of brands are rejected from Tmall, Why? Because Tmall tend to select brands that currently have a large following, a strong image, status and significant sales evidence from China. Jingdong (JD) is not dis-similar with a strict application procedure. If applicable setting up on Tmall can be huge exposure for Luxury.

The end goal for Luxurious is to open stores on Tmall & JD as these are the most reputable cross border platforms. The budget must also be in place for your more expensive set up and associated costs.

The alternative route for new luxurious products in China is to build up to these largest e-commerce displays on more niche, yet highly valued platforms this kind of as WeChat Stores, Little Red Book, Hupu, T Global E-Luxury & more.

In addition, you can follow the following steps to start selling online without these types of a huge outlay that still yields a significant return on investment. Validation of your luxury concept in this market-place should be considered a priority.


It is not as simple as it sounds to build a great website in China. Avoid the typical Chinese web formats and opt for a sleek, clean cut aesthetic akin to your pre-existing site. You cannot simply just create a bi-lingual Chinese add-on as it is best to host the site on a local server with a .cn domain. This involves building the site locally, in addition when it comes to visibility on Baidu (China’s Google), the sites needs to become a ‘vehicle for visibility’, that is optimized for Mandarin keyword searches. 75% of all online research is conducted via Baidu.

Content should also be re-adapted for this industry with neighborhood search conditions and keywords in mind, this allows you to place your content in front of the most qualified search traffic from the luxurious sphere.

Visibility is achieved through Pay Per Click ads (forget Banner Display in China) as well as SEO, increasing the site ranking in the natural search results on Baidu, this typically drives the highest top quality traffic when it comes to sales conversion rates. Shoppers are by now searching for Luxurious products, appearing on a search ranking beneath a well establish brand name can be a powerful method for generating traffic and sales.
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Surgery To Relieve Inflammation And Pain In Your Foot

With the development of science and technology, a lot of diseases are now treated with state-of-the-art surgeries. That's how robotics has taken the centre stage in microsurgeries today such as the robotic cardiac surgery. However, in the case of plantar fascia, a surgery is done on the flat band of tissue popularly known as the ligament of a patient with a view to relieving the inflammation and pain in the foot. What actually is done here is that either a small portion of the ligament is cut off or the ligament is completely detached from the heel bone. The disease is called plantar fasciitis. Doctors opine that plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain in people across the globe.

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis:
We have already discussed that it is the commonest form of heel pain in people. Patients suffer from the severe pain similar to that of stabbing at the bottom of his foot closer to the heel. However, you may feel the severity of pain in the first few steps after a sleep. Long hours of standing, sitting, and exercising can also trigger plantar fasciitis. The severity of pain increases after standing, sitting, or exercising and not during it.
Causes of plantar fasciitis:
Plantar fascia works like a shock absorber bowstring below the arch of your foot. Too much tensioning and stretching of your foot thus cause tiny damage in the fascia. Repeated damages to the fascia cause swelling and pain in the foot. However, bony spur at heel bone can also cause plantar fasciitis. Hence, your doctor conducts x-ray to determine the exact reason and severity of the problem. However, a surgery is the last option to cure plantar fasciitis when the medicine and physiotherapy fail to improve a patient's condition.
The bad news is that no single treatment can do any wonder here for every patient suffering from plantar fasciitis. But, adopting a couple of measures such as the following can truly help you control the problem.
·      Rest: A complete rest of your foot can be the best and the easiest treatment here. Avoid walk or run on the hard surface.   
·         Ice and pain reliever treatment: Applying ice on the foot can reduce swelling and pain. Simultaneously, application of pain relievers may also be useful here.
·     Exercise: Stretching exercises with a towel alongside the toe and calf stretching several times a day (especially in the morning just after the sleep) can be useful.   
·    Shoe change: Wearing shoes with a cushioned sole and a good arch support are congenial here
·         Splint treatment: Your doctor may advise you to wear a splinter at night for relief.
·       Medicine shots: Medicine and steroid shots on the heel are also helpful here. But, such shots are recommended only after the initial treatments for 6-12 months with others.
However, your plantar fascia can be perfectly alright after a surgery. The inflammation and pain here can primarily be attributed to the growing age of the people such as those belonging to the middle age group and also common in runners. 

When should you use soda blasting?

You will see that soda blasting is comparatively new technique and it is highly effective in paint and rust removal. It is slowly high popularity. Unlike sandblasting, soda blasting uses bicarbonate or baking soda to strip the paints.

While sandblasting can be a technique or rather an equipment to use for soda blasting, you will find the bicarbonate relatively gentle. In case, if you compare the same with grit usually put to use for sandblasting.

In order to figure out what is the best instances to use for soda blasting, here are some of the greatest attributes –
  1. It is great on soft metals and wooden substances-Soda blasting is one of the best techniques that work well on the soft metals such as copper. It also gels well with wooden substances. In sandblasting, you will see that it will not let you scratch on wood or metal surface below the paint. The key to soda blast correctly amounts to the pressure exerted and when you will find the soda sprayed on to some surface, just like those forceful washers at a tilted angle. If you find that the pressure exerted is very much high, the substrate will let you have a dent. At the use of right pressure, one must be able to slip away little since one layer end at a time.
  2. It is a great cleaner-If you need a careful finish on any substance or any surface; you will see soda blasting is one of the ideal ways out. When you use sandblasting, you will find the grit expelled from the hose of a blaster and is dangerous for the atmosphere. The bicarbonate of the soda blaster will let you simply dissolve into the land and wash away during the rainstorm. Moreover, the dust produced due to sandblasting grit may be toxic. A soda blaster strips an end and reduces the same into tiny particles which may float in the atmosphere and these particles can be toxic enough if you inhale. For this reason, this is significant to wear protective equipment when you use a soda blaster.
  3. It is very effective in removing grease & rust-Soda blasting not just removes paint and lacquers, this is strong enough to remove the rust, grease & required debris from substrates too. The process is a little better in removing grime from the surfaces than harder organic materials such as the walnut shells, as it is easy to enter & clean smaller crevasses and cracks, which widens organic compound and might not be able to reach.
  4. It is able to prevent rust-
    After the surface is completely able to blast the soda, you will find a white powdery film to develop that would stay on the surface. This film will be able to prevent the rust for a small period and left on the metal behind. If the metal is required to polish and make it shine, one can easily wash away the film with soap and water.
Therefore, you can use any of the following methods for soda blasting and can act as a helpful guide anytime.

Tennis Court Installation – Turning a Backyard into A Tennis Court

Installing a tennis court in your backyard gives you the benefit of stepping out your of backdoor to play an impromptu tennis match. By doing this, you will put an end to the waits for vacant public courts.

However, deciding to install a tennis court is just the beginning; there are so many things to consider like evaluating your site, deciding which type of playing surface you want and the cost of installing the court.

Do You Have the Space Needed For the Tennis Court

The dimensions of a regular tennis court are 60’ * 120’. These were the dimensions of the fence line and not the playing lines. The playing lines are 78’ from the baseline to baseline and between the double lines 36’. Therefore, you are going to have 21’ from baseline to fence line and 12’ from the double sideline to the adjacent side fence line.
Considering the issue of setbacks is important. By definition, a setback is a requirement in almost all jurisdictions, and they tell you how close to a property line that you may build a structure.

The Best Direction

Depending on your geographic location and the time you plan to use the court you will be able to decide on the best the position. The North-South court the best if the court is to be used throughout the day.

Soil Conditions

The soil is not just soil when it comes to tennis court installation. Even best-constructed courts can fail if it is built on the unstable subsurface. It’s recommended you hire a qualified geotechnical engineer to perform a soil analysis.

Hard or Soft Court Surfacing Options

Cushioning materials have become so popular nowadays, as compared to concrete courts. Cushioned surfacing systems consist of one or more layers of cushioning materials. These systems allow for more extended playing times by absorbing impact and reducing muscle fatigue. The cost of this cushioned comfort is high.

Acrylic color coatings are another excellent choice. They have proven to protect the court from; the elements improve its appearance, improve foot traction and consistency in bell bounce.

Cost of Installing a Tennis Court

The cost will depend on your site. The distinct characteristics of your site significantly influence the cost. This includes:
  1. The ease of getting the equipment.
  2. The level at which your soil might affect cost.
  3. The source of bulk materials.
  4. The drainage issues.
The price much varies from area to area. The availability of materials, related trucking, and access one can be able to approximate the cost.

Building a tennis court in your backyard is exciting and very convenient. With enough space at your disposal, you can install at the tennis court. For your convenience, it is essential to select a contractor whose specialty is building tennis courts.

You will need a contractor who can do the whole job from begging to end. If you can do this, the odds of poor quality, high and unreasonable cost, are significantly reduced.

Derma roller and How It Works

In the ancient Chinese, needles were used largely by the doctors that were there at that time. This was especially for skin conditions, body therapy and massage. This practice is still available today but has since been spread throughout the world with some advancement but still the same great results.

Some of the advancements in the use of needles are the use of derma rollers. This is a technology that uses micro needles in the treatment of the skin. It is rolled on the skin reaching out to the important part of the skin which triggers the body to react naturally healing itself.

How does it work?

Injection on the skin creates injuries to the skin but the real help with these injuries is in their healing. During the healing process collagen and elastin are produced. These two helps in the healing process as well as leaving the complexion of the skin to it natural beauty. The wrinkles and fine lines are also eliminated during this healing process.

These needles penetrate the skin so deeply that it does not only heal just the upper part of the skin but heals from the inside of the skin. The stubborn scars that cannot be removed by applying products are reached and healed during the process thus eliminating all the scars.

How to choose the best equipment

In choosing the best derma roller to use for your skin, you need to consider the extent and the depth of your scars and the areas on which you are applying the roller. For areas around the eyes, you need needles that are not too long and sharp to avoid any injuries to the eyes.

For skins with deep scars, one should get long and sharp so as to reach all the marks and scars deep in the skin. It is also advisable to ask some friends who have previously used this equipment for their advice on the best products to purchase.

How it is different from chemicals

This is an all-natural procedure as it does not involve the use of any chemical products on your skin. The main difference is that chemicals eat through your skin destroying your skin and removing the layers of your skin.

This leaves the inner skins exposed which are at high risk on being infected and having skin diseases such as skin cancers. This method however does not remove any part of the skin but it only helps your skin in healing itself by triggering the process.

Does it really work?

From testimonies all around the world, these rollers actually work and their popularity is increasing by day. People are shifting away from away from the use of chemical products to the natural remedies of using needle to treat their skins and look younger.

There are no known side effects of using these rollers. They can be used by people of all ages since this is also a painless process. Try this for your skin and see how great you will improve and heal your skill.