How to Design Your Own T shirt at Home

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T-shirt designing is a fun and one of the trendiest hobbies ever. Everyone likes to wear new and colorful tees with some wonderful quotes or pictures on it. Most often custom T-shirts are designed keeping in mind the many inspirational quotes or even portraying prominent characters from trending flicks or series. It is easy and quite an engaging hobby to design t-shirts that can be practiced at home as a recreation.

Common Ways to Start with T-shirt Designing

There are different ways t design your t-shirt and add attractive colors and quotes to it. All you require is a design and creativity to start with
1.       You can plan your designs and try it out in your computer using Photoshop. Add your own textures and patterns of colors and organize the image.
2.       You can also add dimensions and make your quotes 3-D in the image. Save it and pass it on to the t-shirt printing outlets. They will adopt your design on the t-shirt and you will have a  customized t-shirt

Bleach Painting

Bleach is another common technique used for custom t-shirt designing at home. This does not require sending out of designs for getting printed but can be achieved at home itself. Bleach painting is full of fun and an inexpensive way to start with t-shirt designing at home.
The list of things required before get started on custom t-shirts are highlighted below:
1.       Safe household bleach and a paint brush.
2.       A simple glass bowl and white towel or just a rag
3.       White chalks, cardboard piece
4.       T-shirt you want to design on

Get Started!

1.       Keep your t-shirt on an even surface and keep the cardboard piece inside your t-shirt to prevent the bleach from bleeding through the back of the t-shirt.
2.       Use the chalk to sketch out your design on the t-shirt. It could be a logo, an inspirational quote or famous dialogues from prominent celebrities in their popular flicks and series.
3.       Fold the t-shirt sides under the cardboard and clip it on the edges.
4.       Prepare the bleach by adding few cups of it in the glass bowl and dip your paint brush in it.
5.       Give steady sketches and trace your design chalked out already with the soaked paint brush. Keep it for drying and you have your self-designed t-shirt all ready. Bleach painting works best on dark colored clothes.


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