Side effects of Trenbolone on skin

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One of the most powerful available anabolic steroid used by the strength athletes is Trenbolone, although this steroid is not manufactured for humans. These steroids are utilized by the livestock businesses to enhance the appetite and size of the cattle. Therefore it is sure to have side effects when used on human beings.

In the process of translating benefits of Trenbolone use in animals to human use by the body builders, they must also expect the potential for the same, or worse, side effects in the human body as that on the animals. Similarly it will have negative effect on skin of human as well as that of animal. This steroid helps in fat loss and even aid in the healing of the ligaments and joints that get hurt during workout and along with that it adds mass and strength to the body of the builders.

This steroid is five times as powerful as testosterone and its androgenic properties are also similar to scale as that of testosterone. Therefore this steroid is high on sale as a veterinary supplement on various online website and if in case of any misused of it than it may lead to sever issues or problems. Mostly these steroids are used for bulking and cutting of the body mass. 

Most important point is that this steroid i.e., Trenbolone is not manufactured for humans, therefore it is not recommended by any doctor domestically or abroad for any medical treatment. It is specially designed just for animals. As it is not designed for humans, therefore its side effects on humans specially are not been researched.

There are two most commonly used forms of Trenbolone by the body builders, which have different molecular formula; they are Trenbolone acetate (C20H24O3), Trenbolone enanthate (C25H34O3). There also other forms that is available in the market that is Synovex and Revalor.

The strong androgen binding property is the reason due to which that steroid is able to reduce the deposited fat in the body. This drug was stopped producing in the late 1990s and before it was used as the veterinary supplement. Now in the present time, this drug is being manufactured in the underground labs.

Trenbolone side effects are minor and temporary such as development of acne, headaches, and negative effects on skin and increased growth of facial and body hair. Mostly probably women will notice more side effects than men.The properties and effect on the body of this steroid is exactly opposite to that of the other steroids like Dianabol, Anavar and others.

As the other steroids bind with the estrogen receptors but this steroid instead of binding with the estrogen receptors it get bind with the progesterone receptors due to this only their effects are different on an individual.One of the biggest side effects of Trenbolone is the potential for Gynecomastia.

Due to its potential side effects, bodybuilders often combine Trenbolone with selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs to get varied results.