Money for Your Scrap Metal, and You’re Doing Your Part for the Environment

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Apart from the obvious benefit of turning scrap metal into money, you can find a lot of reasons to develop the habit of taking your scrap metal to a recycler. Consider this: the industry helps reduce toxic emissions from the smelting and processing necessary to get metal from natural ore. It also reduces the amount of energy used to produce a similar amount of usable metal. 
One study shows that energy savings from recycled metals (as compared to new ore) amounts to 92% for aluminium and 90% for copper. Even with the basic steel producing process, recycling scrap metal saves more than 50% on energy use. In the past few decades, an increasing amount of steel production has come from recycled iron and from scrap steel. About half of the copper produced today, worldwide, comes from recycled material.
Natural Resources
In addition to the environmental benefits already mentioned and the energy savings, it’s important to understand the amount of natural resources conserved by choosing metal recycling. Similar industry figures show that recycling a tonne of steel saves more than 1,000 kilograms of iron ore, 600 kilograms of coal, and more than 50 kilograms of limestone. It also greatly reduces the amount of water needed to produce the same amount of usable steel. Steel recycling alone can conserve enough energy to power millions of homes.
With all these benefits available plus the opportunity to put a bit of cash in your pocket, you’d be wise to seek out one of the leading scrap metal recyclers in Perth. The industry leaders not only take in tonnes of scrap metal each year but they focus on completing the recycling process in the most environmentally responsible manner. You will always get the best results when you work with a trusted recycler, thanks to their experience and their up-to-date weighing facilities.
You can learn more when you visit the website to find out about the large variety of items purchased for reprocessing. You’ll get the best prices available and will be doing your part to minimise the negative impact on nature. After all, they’ve been working with metalworking manufacturers, trucking companies, heavy-equipment companies, construction and demolition contractors, and many others for many years. These businesses have come to trust them for the results they need.
Variety of Services
As you browse the website of the top providers, you’ll see that you have access to such important services as scrap car removal. You’ll get cash on the spot when you call to have these professionals come to you and take your old or damaged vehicle away. It’s a great option for clearing away that unwanted car and will also put money in your pocket. Of course, you’ll also be doing your part to keep the environment and your community clean and neat.
It doesn’t matter what the brand, model, or condition of your car is. Just get in touch with the experienced professionals who handle this type of work every day. You can also call on them to help with their fleet of trucks fitted with top-of-the-line bin lifters so they can take care of the most challenging removal quickly and efficiently.