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Some of the Best Evergreen Flowers for Your Garden

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Having  a beautiful garden is like a dream for lot of nature lovers. As a tree-lover, you probably know the fact that how beautiful it looks when your garden is full of vibrant evergreen flowers. Now this article is going to tell you about the most beautiful evergreen plants that can seriously put an aesthetic approach to your garden.

Here is the list of some beautiful evergreen flowers-

1. Cornflower:

Cornflowers have won the heart of many garden lovers. The best part of this plant is that they are easy to grow and come in different sizes and colors. They are simply delight year-round. The flowers come in red, purple, orange, white and green and have 2-5 feet tall stems and seedpods for winter interest.

The enticing seedpods of this plant make your garden look really vibrant.


This perennial wildflower only blooms in May and June. It comes with five pale blue flower petals. Amsonia tabernaemontana is one such flower that you can consider for keeping in your garden.


This long growing habit and delicate flowers work like wonder in shady or bare areas under trees and shrubs. The growing height of this plant is 5 to 24 inches and the width is 8 inches to 3 feet. The thin stalks of colorful fairylike springs bloom in different vibrant colors like yellow, beige, white, pink, red and purple.

The foliage of this plant comes with pink edge or tint that deepens to bronze in falls.


The blooms of many sedums make your garden really shinning. They become even brighter when summer fades into autumn. The color improves when the temperature starts to get cool. The foliage come in different colors like green, variegated, purple, orange and red. They are one of the best perennials. As a winter accent,they also remain steadfast.

Japanese Silver Grass:

If want to make a four-season garden, you should keep this ornamental grass. It grows 3-12 feet tall and it has whisk-like heads of silvery flowers.
There are a plenty of evergreen plants to fill your garden with greenery.Make sure you pick the one that are low maintenance and appealing to look at. With reliable online florist in Bangalore, getan amazing collection of evergreens right at your doorstep.