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Colors Tv serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is story of a Punjabi family, wherever a mother fights along with her circle of relatives to avoid wasting her female offspring. It presents a pretty mother-daughter relation. Nimmi and Soumya’s sturdy relation is clear throughout. The story can then concentrate on Soumya, WHO can fight for her identity. there's a giant secret hidden by the family. the reality is said to Soumya’s birth. Soumya bears hate by her father, whereas her mother Nimmi loves her plenty. Soumya doesn't perceive the rationale of the biasing.

Shakti Colors Tv serial Full Wiki Story:

Shakti presents the story of such folks WHO discriminate between their 2 daughters. Maninder needs to secure his name within the society. He needs to indicate an ideal family, and maintains a false status. Maninder and his mother Bebe will move to any extent to avoid wasting their image. They each try and kill 10-day previous Soumya, simply to exclude their name from the large mysterious matter. The mystery is specified it'll trash their family.

Nimmi worriedly finds her female offspring Soumya. Nimmi prays for Soumya’s welfare. She finds her husband Maninder dig the land. Bebe asks Maninder to bury Soumya. Nimmi screams and stops Maninder from hiding the 10 days previous female offspring. Bebe needs to avoid wasting her respect by hiding Soumya. Nimmi saves Soumya from them. Nimmi warns them of not pain Soumya once more. Nimmi takes Soumya along with her and since then makes a habit to tie Soumya to her hand, with a material.

Few years pass, Nimmi and Soumya area unit shown. Nimmi secures Soumya invariably. Maninder takes care of his alternative female offspring Surbhi. Maninder loves Surbhi plenty, whereas Nimmi showers love on Soumya. Soumya packs lunch for Maninder. He angrily throws the lunch. Maninder hates Soumya and therefore the reason isn't shown. Maninder tells some those that he has only 1 kid. Soumya tells Nimmi that she needs to create friends. Soumya goes to satisfy Surbhi. Surbhi is angry that Nimmi loves Soumya a lot of. The folks raise Maninder why will he hate his elder female offspring.

Maninder loses his temper and angrily beats the person. Maninder gets inactive by police. Soumya goes out of home to examine the party occurring in neighbor’s house. Nimmi gets informed regarding Maninder obtaining inactive by police. She ignores the news and goes in search of Soumya. a lady is close to nobble Soumya. Nimmi saves Soumya. Soumya apologizes to Nimmi. Maninder is free by police and comes home. Maninder gets his anger on Soumya. Nimmi asks Maninder to like each daughters equally. Soumya feels she is that the reason for Maninder’s arrest. a girl takes Surbhi and Soumya for Navratri puja rituals. Bebe asks Nimmi to prevent Soumya, else their Dharam can get ruined.

Nimmi stops Soumya from uptake the Prasad. Nimmi feels guilty seeing Soumya bearing most. She cooks Soumya’s favorite food. Maninder tells Nimmi regarding folks questioning regarding Soumya. Maninder makes Surbhi petrified of Nimmi, and limits Surbhi from progressing to Nimmi. Nimmi sees a veiled lady outside her house. Nimmi angrily goes to kill that lady. the lady flees. Bebe tells Nimmi that lady can some day take Soumya along with her, as Soumya belongs thereto lady. Nimmi decides to depart town. the lady leaves the note that she's going to take her female offspring. Nimmi makes each her daughters prepared and leaves from the house by light Maninder. Bebe and Maninder try and notice Surbhi.

Nimmi provides a knife to Soumya for her protection. Maninder finds them and takes them back home. Maninder and Nimmi have a heated argument. Bebe tells Maninder that all of them can leave from this town and begin recent. Surbhi feels Nimmi is partial and doesn't love her. Nimmi slaps Surbhi. The family leaves within the lorry. The veiled lady comes infront of the lorry and takes carry.

all of them reach Nimmi’s mother’s house in an exceedingly completely different town. the lady

Shakti Overall Review:

keeps an eye fixed on Soumya. Nimmi’s mother asks her to begin a brand new life and with none worry.

Good forged Associate in Nursingd an fascinating conception would positively work on the prime slot. The viewers will expect Vivian Dsena and Rubika Dilaik’s entries. a lot of are often expected from the show. A family human with a social conception to unfold.

Shakti Full Episode


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