3 reasons why you should participate in essay writing competitions

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If you like a challenge and you enjoy essay writing then there are lots of dedicated writing competitions that you can enter.

Maybe you have considered entering a competition before but you have some reservations because you are not really sure that it will be of benefit or whether your skills are good enough. Here are just three reasons why you should participate:

#1 Writing Skills

Even if you are not that interested in writing or your course doesn't necessarily require lots of coursework writing, a competition can still be beneficial. These types of competitive activities will help you develop your writing skills and enhance your chances of improving your grades, even if you don't win. If you really want to develop your writing skills, a competition can be a great way to not only develop them, but also enhance, refine and perfect your academic essay writing techniques.

#2 Recognition

If you really want your writing skills to be noticed, a writing competition can be a great way to achieve this. That's because when you win competitions your writing may be published in a local newspaper or magazine. Being published can earn you valuable recognition for your work. Sometimes students have even gone on to secure writing contracts as a result of the competition. This is great for students who want to pursue a career in writing or research.

#3 Confidence

All students need a confidence boost now and again and a writing competition can really increase confidence when it comes to preparing written work. The more confident you are, the more likely you will be to put all of your effort into completing and succeeding in your university work. This is even more relevant if you have received lots of praise and encouragement about your writing.  These competitions are an excellent way to showcase your skills and build your confidence and might even encourage you to enter and succeed in many more competitions.

One way students prepare for essay writing competitions is to use an essay writing mentor to provide a model answer on a specific topic. This can really help to understand what is required to succeed and write a winning piece of content.

If you still need a little more convincing you can spend some time practicing before you decide to enter a contest. There are resources available online that you can use to practice for essay writing competitions and it is advised that you make use of these before you apply to enter any real competitions for writing essays.