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The mere fact that you have brain surgery does go on to strike fear in the minds of each one of us. Once upon a time it was rated to be one of the most fearful events that could ever take place. In fact the treatment is difficult because of the nature and location of the tumours.

But with improved levels of technology and better scientific understanding families can look forward to this form of treatment with a lot of hope. So brain surgery performed with a new sense of confidence does give the patient a lot of hope.

Brain cancer starts when there is growth of abnormal cells in the brain. The cancer does occur when abnormal cells grow in the brain. This cancer tends to arise from the primary brain cells or the cells that could arise from the other brain components. Examples would be the blood vessels or the membranes. It could also arise when the cancer cells would have spread to the brain by the blood stream. The malignant tumours work out to be cancerous in nature and do spread in an aggressive manner. The space of the nutrients, blood is occupied.

As far as the symptoms of brain cancer are concerned, you may face difficulty in walking, dizziness, headache or seizers. This could also be accompanied by symptoms of nausea, personality or mental alertness. In fact all these symptoms could also occur in someone who does not have brain cancer, but most of the symptoms in combination could go on to predict a person has brain cancer. The cancer could emerge in any part of the brain. The worst part is that some form of brain cancer produces no form of symptoms at all.

To start off with regards to the detection a physical examination followed by a detailed medical history of the patient is undertaken. With the results of this examination it is figured out whether any specific tests need to be done as well. One of the most frequented tests that is undertaken to detect brain cancer is CT scan. A series of x rays are provided and trust me it is not painful.

It is injected into the vein to find out better visual images of the internal structures of the brain. This is accompanied by another prominent method of testing that is the MRI scan. In this test also a series of structures of the brain are represented and it is much better than a CT scan. This is not as popular as the CT scan. Specialists who are in neurosurgery will be called upon to find on what course of treatment is best for a patient.

 A biopsy may be conducted where a small tissue could be taken and then send for further round of testing. The Brain tumour surgery cost in India is considered to the cheaper when you compare it to the western countries and for this reason you do see a mad rush of patients as well.

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