What Are Your Options If You're Seriously Injured On Campus

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A campus is a place of learning. Students who are eager to learn something and making new friends and acquaintances on campuses. This is where they get to increase their knowledge base and experience something new every day. Almost all campuses are always busy. They are always bustling with sports activities, extracurricular activities, club activities, and much more.

In this article, we’ll talk about the most common accidents on campus and what you can do if you were seriously injured or hurt because of these accidents.

Common Accidents on Campus
  1. Pedestrian accidents
Most students prefer walking around the campus. They usually walk to and from class, go to an extracurricular activity or go to recreational centers on the campus.
  • Pedestrian accidents are very common on campuses. This is usually because the roads on campuses are usually narrow or there is enough sidewalks or crosswalks for students to use for walking around the campus.
  • Pedestrian accidents on campuses can also happen because of the carelessness of drivers and students. This is why all students and anyone who drives around the campus are encouraged to observe road safety at all times.
  1. Slip and falls
Students running to their respective classes or their activities can result to slip and falls. Campuses usually have slippery pavements, which can cause rushing students to slip or fall.
  1. Sports injuries
Campuses are also bustling with sports activities. Although most campuses ensure that their students are in perfect physical shape, there is always a risk of injury.
  • Common sports injuries include sprain, swollen muscles, laceration, sprains, cramps, etc.
  • Campuses, especially colleges and universities, are often required to have their medical professionals for attending sports injuries.
  1. Alcohol-related accidents
College campuses are also notorious for having after school parties. These include drinking alcohol, which can lead to alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related car accidents.

What to Do If You’re Injured on Campus?

If a student gets injured on campus, students have the right to seek compensation for the damages from the school, especially if it can be proven that the negligence of the school caused the accident. But this is not often the case, however, because the campus is not always at fault for the accidents that occur within its premises. Negligence of the student is usually the cause of accidents that lead to injuries.

But if you suffer from severe injuries on campus you must:
  • Contact the campus police.
  • Get your injuries treated immediately. Most campuses have clinics and medical professionals who can provide first aid to most injuries.
  • Contact the campus’ president office so the school can start investigating the incident.
  • Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to help you seek compensation from the school.
As good as campuses can be, they can also cause injuries and accidents to anyone. This is why all campuses are required to take different preventive measures to keep their students safe from injuries and accidents. Students are also encouraged to take care of themselves more on campus so they are safe from accidents. Accidents on campus often require more documentation and investigation to find who’s really at fault for the accident. You will need an experienced premises liability attorney to help you establish a claim so you can receive compensation for the damages.