A Church That Performs Astonishing Deeds in God’s Name

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Occasionally, some people with certain unique gifts receive divine messages from God to build places of worship in His name so that those faithful to Him can propagate his message of love to mankind. In such religious places, even His followers can witness many astonishing miracles to prove that God keeps a watchful eye on his flock, cure them of all diseases and protect them from all dangers. One such individual who got a divine calling from God to a build a cathedral in the name of His son, Jesus Christ is Prophet TB Joshua. From humble beginnings in a small modest shelter in Logas, Nigeria, this church is one of the pious and sought-after religious places in the world.
A renowned symbol of love and healing

Throughout the Christian world, The Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN has a reputation of being a prominent religious place where followers can witness claims of faith healing and miracles. Over the years there have been many changes in the physical structure of the church but its original vision remain unchanged.  People from all over the world come to visit this church with the objective of seeking solace, tranquility and peace with God. Many other devotees come to this place of worship to find a cure their illnesses, which medical science until date cannot find. The head pastor of this church, Prophet TB Joshua anoint holy water on the foreheads of victims of cancer, HIV, paralysis and other ailments to heal them of their medical conditions.  In fact, this church’s own television network, Emmanuel TV broadcasts these images and other acts of miracles for the millions of people from around the world to watch.

Acts of faith 

The visionaries of this church say that when individuals receive divine messages from God to perform acts in His name, it important for them to implement such deeds as men of faith. Moreover, it is essential for such persons to remember that no incident or action happens by accident or coincidence. The road to accomplishing objectives in His name is never easy but they should never lose heart. In every step, God is watching and helping them to complete tasks they thought were not possible to achieve even when facing opposition from their fellow human beings. Prophet TB Joshua says that every challenge these people face and overcome in fulfill God’s work makes them a better human being and brings them more close to Him.  

The Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN is one of the prominent places of worship in the world with branches in several countries like England, Ghana, Greece and South Africa. The followers of his church under the guidance of Prophet TB Joshua have been successful in performing astonishing deeds in God’s name like curing the sick, helping widows and needy in addition to providing homes and education to orphans. In addition to this, they have gone out of their way to rehabilitate criminals and bring them back to the mainstream of society. However, they say this would not be possible without God’s love and blessing.