Options for Entertainment at a Children’s Birthday Party

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Children get exceptionally excited about their birthdays and most parents are eager to get as many details right as possible.  It can be a surprisingly difficult affair to plan.  You must first consider the venue.  Parties at home or in a hired room will require some form of entertainment and a means of keeping the children amused for the duration of the party.  Alternatively your child may wish to go to a child friendly establishment which provides its own entertainment; such as a room of bouncy castles.  However, the issue with this is that these venues will rarely close just for you and your party.  This can make the entire event feel out of your control!
There are a variety of options when looking to provide entertainment at your child’s birthday party;

Magical Duda Entertainment is based in Toronto and offers birthday parties magicians to suit children of any age.  They are experts in providing astounding magic shows as well as offering a magic school and entertaining the crowd.  They can even make balloon animals to ensure every child has a souvenir!

A magic show can be an excellent choice for a birthday party as there will almost certainly be something that appeals to every child.  They can also last just thirty minutes or even two hours; depending upon how much time you need the children amused for.  The best magicians will ensure that the birthday boy or girl is the star of the show.  This is usually achieved by getting them to help with the tricks.  If your child already has an interest in magic they will find this experience awesome!

Another option is to resort to traditional party games.  This will depend upon the age of your children.  They may like to play pass the parcel, musical chairs or even Twister.  However, this will require considerably more effort and supervision on your part than simply booking a magic show!

A clown is also a viable option; again this will be dependent upon the age of your children.  Clowns will generally provide a hilarious routine for younger children but you may struggle to hold the attention of the older children in the group.  Of course, you must also be prepared for some tears as clowns can provoke unusual responses in young children!

Another option which has seen an increase in interest in recent years is the themed party.  Much like the children’s birthday parties magicians you can bring an entire show in to keep the children entertained for the whole party.  One of the favourite choices at the moment is to hire a Jedi and a Jedi training school; the children will be trained in the ways of the Jedi and you can even have a working R2D2 present.  There are a wide range of themes which can be found with professional entertainers willing to ensure all the children have the best party of their lives!

No matter which venue you choose providing you select a theme that agrees with your child’s interests they are sure to have a great time!