Clenbuterol: The best weight loss supplement

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Clenbuterol is one of the renowned drugs known for its ability to build spectacular physique and weight loss. It is a supplement that is also used in New Zealand despite the controversies and the questionable legality of the drug. Like many countries, in New Zealand you can buy clenbuterol if you have prescription and can only be used for the respiratory problems of the horse.

Legal status

In New Zealand you are not allowed to buy clenbuterol over the counter, don’t expect to get the drug even if you have a doctor in the family. However the New Zealander are allowed to get the drug legally by ordering it form the online research centre in USA where it is not a controlled substance.

About clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is a beta 2 sympathomimetic and central nervous system stimulant.  It is not a steroid but an agonist which stimulates the beta 2 receptors.  It is also famous among celebrities because of its weight loss property which has been scientifically proven. One of the biggest obstacle dietersface is that after reaching a certain threshold they are not able to reduce their weight and they use clenbuterol to tackle that problem. The clenbuterol increases the body temperature to burn more fat.

The clenbuterol is administered in milligrams and is usually taken in the form of pills but is also available in the form of sprays, liquid and powder. Since the clenbuterol stimulates the central nervous system they users experience weight loss regardless of if they exercise or not. However the result will be phenomenal if they combine clenbuterol with proper diet and perfect exercise regime.

The chief property of clenbuterol is to burn fat without affecting the muscle tissues. It is usually used during the cutting phase although some of them use it in the bulking phase so that they would increase muscle mass and burn the extra fat. It is important that you take a correct dosage and the dosage must be gradually increased over a time period. This way you body would not be subjected to rapid boost of energy and stress.

In New Zealand the clenbuterol is most commonly available in 20 mcg tablets. The fat burning dosage is between 120 to 160 mcg per day but as mentioned earlier you should gradually increase the dosage. It should not exceed 160 mcg per day and if it did it might lead to severe harmful side effects.

The some of the brands of Clenbuterol found in New Zealand
  • Sopharma
  • Ventipulmin
  • Spiropen
  • Dilaterol
  • Oxyfluxclenbuterol
Safety measures

Etc.  You should consult your doctor before opting for the usage of clenbuterol. If you are on any medication or if you have any kind of medical condition you should check with your doctor to see if using clenbuterol can have negative effect on your body. Make sure the product you buy is authentic and is from a legitimate seller. The black market products can only be harmful in many ways.