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Slip Ergonomic Insoles Into Your Shoes

8:09 PM John Evans 0 Comments

How about shoe inserts that attacks, not only the problem of discomfort, but will discreetly give a little bit of height? Along with added height, how about one that will also minimize strain on the knees and back, while walking or standing? Add Height's shoe insole does it all.

Ladies, think about all those times you wanted to dress your best to impress, but all that walking around has you gritting your teeth at soccer games and meetings. Men, maybe you just want an insert with a little more comfort; one that will help those worn shoes you just aren't ready to get rid of. Want that big gift idea to your parents and grandparents who suffer with knee and back aches walking? These Add Height insoles are great with any shoe because they are discreet enough to slide in and slip on. Your foot will not be slipping out as you're running, nor will it cause any unnecessary tightness inside of the shoe. If you're active all the time, in and out of meetings and getting kids to games or just wanting to be able to take a stroll to the park with your family pet or members, there are many selections to choose through.

These height increase insoles are made from Memory Foam, Silicone Gel, and Patent Pending Polyvinyl Foundation, which come together to make your days of walking confidently come true. The memory foam has the ability to mold for maximum shock absorptions and reduces force that would usually occur with just a normal shoe. Next is the Silicone Gel. This gel forms to provide the support to the arch and foot. Not only is this gel cushy, but it also keeps your foot from absorbing all the heat you'd normally get from walking around all day. Your foot will not slip or slide out or produce an accumulation of heat from this insole. Lastly, the Patent Pending Polyvinyl material supports it all. This material reduces stress to the back and knees, by stabilizing the foot and supporting the heel. This slope shaped cushion allows for the best comfort money can buy.

Add Height Insoles will bring out confidence you didn't know you had. With this slight height difference and comfort supporting you, you will feel dominant in the work place and have the ability to get yourself together. Take charge of your feet and then take some action into your life with these insoles.