Top 5 Running Shoes

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Reebok is one of the names that first comes to mind when we think of high quality sports goods. This reputation has been achieved by continuously producing worthy items. Reebok had humble beginnings in a single room above a sweet shop in Bolton, England. J. W. Foster began working on shoes in 1895 and Reebok was formed as a companion company by his grandsons Joe and Jeff in 1958. Today the company has evolved into an international presence, and has an enviable reputation through sheer hard work and research. The shoes made by Reebok have found a place in almost every household which has an idea about sports and related merchandise. The company makes many other products such as clothing and sports equipment, but its shoes are still the item by which they are known. Following is a compilation of the best running shoes for men by Reebok.

No Distance too great with Reebok One Distance

This series of shoes was made for long distance running. The materials and techniques used make it hot favourite of runners all over the globe. The rigidity of the heel and flexibility of the toe allows running long and hard without straining your feet. The construction and design helps in maintaining support and allows ventilation inside the shoe. The color scheme is such that promotes sobriety and seriousness while adding a dash of color to make it feel a part of the runner. The sturdiness of the shoe is such that it can be used for gym workout sessions as well. They offer superior traction and grip on all running surfaces and are incredibly lightweight for a performance shoe. 

Go Astronomical with the Reebok Astroride

Reebok has always provided excellence in its products and the Astroride series is another example of that trait. Designed for coverage of several miles at a time, the shoe is a perfect choice for the long distance runner. The highlight is the dual density ASTROFOAM that provides 360 degree cushioning and support to the foot. The outsole is specifically textured to provide a grip that can be compared to lizards. Another notable feature is the seamless upper body of the shoe, called the FuseFrame, which offers irritation free fit and improved ventilation for the foot. The low ankle also is a plus point as it affords increased manoeuvrability. A great choice for runners.

Strike out with the Reebok ZStrike

Designed for high intensity running and workout sessions, the Reebok shoes of this series are a great boon for the performance athletes. The rubber soles offer such superlative grip and traction that one can forget about slipping and just concentrate on the routine. Its highlight is the ZStrike Pistons, which are adaptive, providing cushioning at low speeds and responsiveness at high speeds. The 4-way stretch mesh of the upper body contours to the foot and provides enhanced ventilation and movement support. The shoe was created using tough, lightweight materials that allows sustained performance without tiring the feet and legs.

Go Anywhere with the Reebok Ridgerider

Designed for cross country running, this is a series of heavy-duty, multi-terrain shoes. The strategically designed sole uses patterns and materials that offer great traction with every step and on every kind of terrain it is used on. The layered mesh of the upper body offers protection, solidity, control and ventilation to the foot in all conditions. The padded foam and sock liner provide comfort to the foot and the low-cut ankle allows quick and seamless movement associated with cross country running. The overlays on the heel and the toe cap add to the traction surface required for climbing and add to the tough, outdoor look. A good choice for the unconventional sports such as cross-country running and climbing.

Find the runner in you with the Reebok Runner

The shoe that was created for running, the Reebok Runner returns with upgrades, both technical and cosmetic. The stabilizing frame is the best technical enhancement of the previous version and provides superior control and confidence while running long distances. The low ankle is a great addition as it allows for sharp turns without hurting oneself. The mesh of the upper body provides comfort and ventilation during high intensity movements. The rubber sole has been specifically designed using high abrasion materials to provide superlative grip on all surfaces.

All of the above mentioned shoes can be used for the purpose of running. One has to keep in mind the terrain and distance of their sessions and pick the one that fits their desired features list. Reebok running shoes has always provided superior products and one of them is bound to make you a happy runner.

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