Cost of Filing Bankruptcy Using Attorney - Why Debtors Can Better Afford Bankruptcy Without Attorney

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Bankruptcy laws vary from one state to another. People who live in Florida may not pay the same lawyer fees people in other regions will be required to pay. If you didn’t know, there are two main types of personal bankruptcy; Chapter 7 and 13. Before you get services from a Boca Raton bankruptcy lawyer, you need to know an estimate of how much you are going to spend for the said services.  

Attorney fees for Chapter 13 bankruptcy
Most Florida courts have laid out guideline fees that an attorney can charge for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Attorneys should not charge more than the direction provided by the courts unless justified by exceptional circumstances.

Even though Chapter 13 fees vary from one district to another, they are typically between $2,500 and $6,000 depending on whether you have your own business or you are an employee. The advantage of this chapter is that you will not be required to pay all attorney fees upfront. It is normal for lawyers to ask for a portion of their fees before they file your case. The balance usually has to be paid through a repayment plan. The amount of money a bankruptcy lawyer will demand upfront depends on the individual or firm. However, it is normal for a request of 50% upfront to be claimed.

Attorney fees for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
The fees for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy start at $500 and may go to $3,500 or more depending on the complexity of the case. A solo practitioner may charge less than larger firms with more overhead and advertising costs. Also, an experienced attorney will typically charge more than a new lawyer. Take note that if your case is a simple Chapter 7, you may not require a seasoned attorney. 


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