How to Choose a Corporate Function Videographer

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A corporate function is considered to be one of the best days in a company. If you are planning one, you will want to remember every detail. The only way to get great memories of a function is by getting a video of the same. Since this is not an ordinary day you may want to consider soliciting the services of a professional function videographer. Getting the best function videographer in New York can only be done by following some tips. If you want to choose the right NYC corporate video production service,there are some guidelines you can follow:

Begin by finding as many references as you can. A good place to start would be friends who have held similar functions recently. They would be more than happy to share their wisdom, and sometimes even their function’s film! On the other hand, if you already have a photographer for your function, they may have great recommendations of videographers they have worked with previously. Once you have a list of references, get their portfolios and start perusing them. 

Once you have found one or have a shortlist of potential candidates, meet with them and find out if you can get along. The meeting is crucial as the individual (and potentially their team) is an incredibly important part of your function. They will be following you and your work colleagues closely for the duration of the event. If you get the right NYC corporate video production service you will not be camera-shy. As a matter of fact, you may not even notice the cameras are there.

By this time, you will have made a very short list, maybe two or three potential videographers. The style of filming you like is the next thing that will determine who you choose. Some videographers will take a story-telling stance where a structured narrative is derived from weaving different moments of the day. Some prefer the documentary style where the finished movie will show your function as it unfolds including interviews from your guests and colleagues being dispersed throughout the video. Others will have ‘make it up as you go’ attitude and film the day and edit it accordingly. The rest may have ‘new’ styles which may incorporate two or all of the mentioned styles. Make sure you voice your preferred style to the videographer. This way, they will know what to capture in the event and how to portray it.

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