Garcinia Combogia the positives and negatives

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There are so many pictures and reviews of users who upload the pictures before using the weight loss supplementary product and after using the product. Users claim that the results were after a period of 2 weeks of usage of the product. If these reviews and pictures are real, how one find out the authenticity of the information that is available can is the major concern amongst many users. And most of us always told not to believe in everything that we come across on internet. Not just internet but also the magazines and sometimes the commercials on TV are so full of advertisements where the users claim to have been miraculously benefitted from the usage of various supplements. 

User’s reviews

One may be flooded with information on internet where people have stories, pictures and reviews of before and after usage. So it is important to do thorough homework before deciding to include Garcinia Cambogia in the diet. One must be clear of can be expected from the use of this product and also the precautions to be followed when using this. Irrespective of including any product in regular diet, it must be noted that no supplementary product can ever replace the nutritional dieting program and exercise regimen. Supplements should be taken as an aid only, not the solely dependent on them for weight loss – the reviews and results vary
There have been few side effects related with the usage of these supplements, users complain of headaches, stomach upset and in some cases of fatigue. Hence the reviews remain mixed. The medical records and history of person should be taken into consideration before these are included in the diet. 

Those people who are using anti-depressants should stay away from it as they might interact with certain components in the drugs and lead to harmful effects on the body.

Lack of Scientific evidence

There has been no scientific evidence to prove that the Garcinia Cambogia works without any change in diet, all those claims which tell that it has done miracles for them should be taken with a grain of salt. No supplement has ever been designed to work on its own without any changes in the diet or without doing the necessary workouts. 

Both Garcinia Cambogia and hydroxycitric acid are known to reduce food cravings and they are also known to reduce the appetite significantly. As an appetite suppressant it also impacts the production of fats and lipids and which ultimately will burn fat in the body. 

The results can keep varying from person to person; it depends on factors like age, health and lifestyle of the person. If somebody has been diagnosed by some illness, it is mandatory that a consultation with doctor is taken. 

It is also important to go through therapy after you are done with use of steroids which enable the body to detoxify all that it has endured with the usage of drugs and return it back to normal functioning with the natural hormones taking over and doing their job.