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Discover The Joys Of A Spiritual Quest For Development & Internal Bliss

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Man in this world is unhappy, frustrated and miserable. The chief causes of this misery and unhappiness is the fact that he has not risen above sensual pleasures and fails to look inside of him. He is completely confused and searches for guidance and it is here that spirituality helps him to grow and discover his own true inner self.

A healing and spiritual group for mankind…

The Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer is a spiritual group that promotes the quest for growth and personal development. They have a large number of programs and spiritual ceremonies to help you unleash your full potential as an individual and find meaning and fulfillment in life. They introduce to their followers and members the benefits of the Sweet Medicine Sun Dance Path that includes many amazing tools and ways to grow as an individual. This Path is a unique one and gives human beings the maturity and the excellence they need to know for living life to its fullest.


Understanding a spiritual practice that makes life meaningful

They also promote a spiritual practice that is called the Twisted Hairs Medicine of Turtle Island. Here, men and women share pearls of knowledge. They refer to this wisdom and knowledge as hair. This hair is taken together and later braided. The wisdom and knowledge are incorporated and tested. The ones that reap the most benefits to humankind are retained and the ones that do not serve use to men and women are discarded. This practice is famous in America today and men and women of all ages are part and parcel of it.

Workshops and study groups 

In order to spread the knowledge to all and sundry, there are many workshops that are organized by the Group. People may attend them to understand the tools and the programs that can be used for improving the quality of life and living in alignment with nature. Most people fail to understand the simple truth that nature is an amazing teacher. Unlike human beings, Mother Nature will always give you her resources and never expects anything in return. Despite being exploited and treated unwell by modern civilization, she still is there to give, soothe and heal. True happiness lies in staying in tune with Nature and learning the amazing lessons that it gives to you.

Once you become attuned to your nature and the world outside, you will find that life has a new rejuvenated meaning. You are centered and more at peace with yourself. Moreover, you are exposed to the magical secrets of life and the tools that make it beautiful and worth living.

The Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer group has helped many men and women mature and discover the joys of their true nature. The essence of the teachings and the messages are very simple. The healers and the teachers are compassionate and they help you to grow and mature naturally. Being part of this Group will help you discover your true self and make life more happy and meaningful too!