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Today 99.6% of Smart phones runs on Android or iOS. They have great features as well as the ability to go beyond simple audio phone calling. The software’s on a smart phone called apps. They could be downloaded from ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘Apples stores’. But some app have price so much high, that a normal people can’t afford it. So they go for a pirated crack version of that app form internet. But some of the app contains virus or malicious scripts, which may still there passwords and other financial fromthe smart phone. Then they have to hire a hacker to get facebook password, if there Facebook account is compromised. Or like Instragram – then they hire a hacker for instagram password recovery. Hiring a hacker is not only for password recovery but to identify the mastermind behind it. So that the person can be more secure next time.

But not just the cracked app contains virus, but the legal app store from google also have some apps which may contains virus. Same can be said for Apple store apps. But it seems, Apple is a little concern about there apps in store than google.

When some dumb people sees a app named – Facebook Hacking, Hack instragram or Hack Gmail , they just jumped into the app and starts download it. But the app is useless because there is no shortcut for hacking. You have to contain knowledge about computer program language deep and have to be skillful. Then after 2-3 years after practicing, someone may call themselves hacker. There is no app to hack facebook or Instragram or Gmail. If you really do that, then you have to become hacker yourself or hire a hacker for instagram or hire a hacker to get facebook password of whom you target. There is no simpler way than that.

The latest Android operating system (7.0-7.1.2) from Google named ‘Nougat’ comes into market in ‘22th August 2016’. It’s also having some security issue too. The major one is fingerprint related they are working on it to solve. But the Android 8.0 is already on the cart and may release anytime. And Apple iOS 10.0 sucks, so that they reliese the version iOS10.3.2. And the Beta version of iOS 11 is released in 24-July 2017. But what an Operating System can do, if the user may download unwanted apps in it!

There are several websites in internet claming to give you the passwords of any mobile app like facebook, snapchat, gmail, instragram but they can’t able to do so. They dose not have the skills. And it could be done by an experienced person in hacking field. And they just don’t roam in here and there. Government also tries to penetrate cellular networks or phones. And they very much succeeded in there job.

 So if you see your phone acting weirdly. Your email contacts getting random email from you that you won’t send. Your facebook timeline is showing a comment or friend you won’t add and you can’t login to your own account. Or your instragramis full of other person’s photo you won’t upload, then this time your account is compromised. You should hire a hacker for instagramor hire a hacker to get facebook password back for good. And be smart and secure when downloading some app next time into your Smartphone.

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