LG G7 – A real friend, solid and waterproof

LG is not afraid of experiments (we saw that from smartphones like flex), although they are not always successful. If you recall the flagship lineup, then really popular and very successful was LG G2 with Full HD-screen and mechanical buttons under the main camera. Next was the G3, in which of the innovations QHD-display, laser autofocus, appeared although on the case they saved and it turned out to be flimsy. G4 received replaceable rear panels with a leather cover.

The strangest was the last year's LG G5 with a dual camera and interchangeable modules, which were in the trend. Modularity was implemented in a strange way and the full G5 before we did not get, limited to a simplified LG G5se. This year, the experiments went in a slightly different direction and the LG G6 turned out different.

Another beast, yet to come, might be in January 2018 to dominate the market and that is LG’s upcoming flagship G7, but the competition is very tough. We all know the major rivals – Samsung with Galaxy S9 as well as Apple’s iPhone 8 is also in the queue. How successful the G7 will be - we'll see.

LG G6 is the flagship smartphone with a 5.7-inch screen of non-standard resolution and aspect ratio, glass and metal body with dust and moisture protection, a powerful Qualcomm processor, 4 GB of RAM, dual main camera and ESS Saber for better headphone sound. Another champ LG G7 is coming next year with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC powered by the 7nm chipset and Adreno 630 GPU, so you won’t have any issue with video resolutions and gaming. It might come with two versions of RAM (6GB and 8GB) and (32GB and 64 GB) internal memory.

The screen here in LG G6 is just magical. Not in terms of image quality, although it's at a worthy flagship level, in terms of how convenient a smartphone allows you to create a display of proportions 18: 9 (2: 1, 2880 at 1440 pixels) compared to the usual 16: 9. The diagonal of 5.7 inches with such proportions does not turn the device into a clumsy phablet. It retains the usual "catchy" width and the ability to type text with one hand, like in 5.2-inch models. The display can display hours and notifications white on black even when the unit is locked. According to the Korean reports, G7 is going to make a huge hit with its bendable screen technology. The glamorous screen of size 5.8” having 4K OLED screen protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is rocking.

Even the camera of LG G6 is super-hit. LG G6 correctly shows video of the expanded dynamic range in formats HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. In such rollers, you can consider the slightest transitions of shades in both the darkest and the brightest areas of the image. The picture on the screen is easy to disassemble even under direct sunlight; the display without an air layer almost does not shine. According to the Investor, the phone might win the race with its 13MP front camera and 22MP Dual lens back camera giving out realistic, beautifully fabricated lovely colors.

Hope, LG will bring more exciting features, latest technologies with its successor phones onwards.
Source: LGG7D.com

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