List of Few Things You Cannot Do If You Carry a Criminal Record

There are myriad things that we easily take for granted until a criminal record gets in the way and ruins your life, making it difficult for you to breathe peacefully. A criminal record can make the easiest of job tougher unless you obtain waivers and pardons. Here are few things that you simply cannot do, when you are having a criminal record:

Home Renting

When you are about to rent a house, you know pretty well that the landlord would thoroughly scrutinize your background. Your past is bound to come into the discussion, and buying that dream house would just slip away from your fingers like sand. In case your offense was not major, you might as well succeed in convincing your landlord or simply end up forgetting the house. However, the preferable option is to obtain waivers and pardons.


In case you are perusing a career and higher education of any sorts,  you would be uplifted to a good standard. It means that any type of criminal records would leave you of the running for any jobs for teaching. As because teachers are in a respectable position where they are relied upon to mold the minds and lives off of students, it stands for reasoning that schools desire nothing but the best.


Major crimes or any sort of drug-related issues are simply red flags for medical employers and employers in the medical sector. Drug offenses, for instance, will make employees doubtful whether they should place their trust in you for access to so many addictive substances.


Any sort of job that involves kids would require having a clean record. If you wish to care for children, you would have to undergo a series of checks in order to attain your license.  Since this is a competitive industry, you would have to determine all the advantages and disadvantages.

Money handling

There is quite a lot of trust involved in any sort of job that involves handling of cash. If the employer observes a candidate with any kind of criminal record, this will eventually affect their eligibility for the position; specifically, if your offense was motivated financially.

Business Bond

For most, the aspect of not securing a job leads them to believe in the fact it would be a kid’s [; way to start off their own company. Bagging a business bond is not easy and involves incredibly tougher if not impossible hurdles, to get the money that you would require to start a company.


This particular prospect might not be applicable to all the volunteer work, but in case if you are working alone with the person whom you are assisting, or if you can gather up access to their home, your record will come under determination. Working in a local kitchen and similar such volunteer service might not necessarily need a spotless record, but it doesn’t hurt.

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