What You Need to Know About Testopel and Testosterone Boosters

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Testopel is the trade name for the synthetic form of naturally produced testosterone. It is used to treat men with a low level of testosterone production in the body. It is usually marketed in pellet form. One of the best advantages of testopel is that it is safe for humans to use.

Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone in both men and women. However, it is basically a male hormone and is responsible for attaining physical changes in men during puberty. Apart from that, it is also responsible for maintaining your general health and fitness level. It promotes the synthesis of proteins in your body and also increases your muscle mass.

As you age, along with other hormones in your body, the level of testosterone also declines. It is marked by a reduction in your strength and energy level, fatigue, poor bone health etc. To regain these traits, your physician may prescribe you to take testosterone boosters in the form of testopel pellets. 

Functions of Testosterone 

·         Testosterone is a vital hormone which regulates the growth of your reproductive system.
·         Increases basal metabolic rate.
·         Increases blood volume and cell count
·         Stimulates hair growth in face, chest and in the pubic area
·         Deepening of voice
·         Increases libido
·         Increases bone density
·         Strengthens pelvic area
·         Increases muscle mass

Testopel Description and Ingredients

Each pellet of testopel contains 75 mg crystalline testosterone in addition to 0-97 mg stearic acid and 2 mg polyvinylpyrrolidone.
Each pellet of testopel is cylindrical in shape with a diameter of 3.2 mm and a length of 9 mm. The weight of a pellet is approximately 78 mg.

The health benefits of testosterone steroids are as follows:

·         Improved heart health
·         Strongbones
·         More muscles
·         Improves memory
·         Fat loss

How it Works

Testosterone boosters may either work by directly increasing the testosterone level in your body or they might stimulate your body to naturally produce more testosterone. However since it is safe for humans to use, there are no adverse side effects.
Testosterone boosters are popular among athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders. It helps in increasing strength, muscle mass and endurance.
However, it can also be taken to improve general health and fitness level of your body.

Testopel is usually suggested as a hormone replacement therapy if your body produces an insufficient amount of testosterone. Testopel pellets are implanted under the skin. The recommended dosage is 150-450 mg every 4-6 months. The number of pellets to be implanted depends upon the requirement.
It is advisable to take help of your physician while administering the drug.


Like any other health supplement, misuse of testosterone steroids is not good for your health. Some of them are skin outbreaks, heart problems, aggression and mood swings, inflammation of prostate glands, urinary problems among many others.

Compared to other steroidal drugs or supplements, testosterone steroids have relatively low side effects and are safe for humans to use. Still, it is always advised that if you are planning to take the supplements you must take an expert opinion.