Need For Respite Care for the Elderly and Its Advantages

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Aging comes with its own share of problems, the primary being failing health and battling a number of age-related health concerns, which could range from arthritis, mobility issues to heart related illnesses to failing physical vigour and facing physical handicaps to loss of memory to conditions, such as depression, dementia, or Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer's disease. These age-related disorders and health conditions can hamper the daily living of the elderly population by making them incapable of performing everyday mundane activities, such as bathing, clothing oneself, moving around the house, cooking, getting out of the house to buy basic necessities or even moving around the house or to washroom. Most of the elderly require a caregiver who can either be a loved one, a family member or a caring friend or it could even be a professional caregiver appointed to be of service and assistance to the elder member at all hours and for all their needs.

However, the caregivers also require a break from caring for the elderly either to attend to their own responsibilities or to take a holiday or simply to take some off time from their daily duties and responsibilities.
For situations like these, places such as respite care Camberwell are present, which can step in to provide some respite to the caregivers and also ensure the elderly are given the needed care and attention they require. Respite care centres are places that act as a home for the elderly when their own caregivers are away for whatever reasons. The elderly can either stay there for some part of the day, a few days or even several weeks depending on the situation. These care centres have trained nursing staff and attendants to provide the care and attention that the elderly require.

Advantages of respite care

       A winning situation for both the elderly and the caregivers

Looking after the loved ones at home can be a rewarding and satisfying experience for the caregivers, but at the same time it can be a very challenging and demanding experience that can leave the caregiver exhausted. Respite centers provide the much-needed rest and downtime from the daily routine for the caregivers and at the same time ensuring that the loved elderly family member is given the same loving care in comfortable living conditions.

       Attend to other responsibilities

The time away from caring for the elderly family member can help the caregivers with the time and energy to attend to their other responsibilities whether it is their children, a part time job or any other responsibility which might not be given the needed time and attention while caring for the family member.

       Social interaction and engagement

For both the caregivers and those who require the health and age care, they are quite cut off from the outside world. The elderly are unable to get out on their own and the caregivers are made to curb their interactions outside owing to the time and attention that the elderly require. A respite care center provides opportunities to engage socially for both the parties. The elderly can meet similar aged individuals and feel invigorated by meeting and socially interacting with others and also by participating in activities, such as board games, discussions or even an assisted picnic. The caregivers on the other hand can interact with the outside world without the niggling worry of the elderly member. These are some advantages of respite care facilities.