Which Kind Of Chicken Will You Order From The Chinese Takeaway?

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Chicken is a staple of any reputable Chinese takeaway. There will be a range of different types to suit every taste. Take your time when you are ordering so that you will end up with something completely delicious.

Which kind of chicken will you order from the Chinese takeaway?

Black Bean Chicken

Black bean chicken listed on a Chinese takeaway menu in Bristol is very aromatic and it is going to be a perfect accompaniment for any kind of rice or noodles. This could become one of your personal favourites in next to no time at all.

Black Pepper Chicken

Black pepper chicken is a spicy dish that you can have with a range of different vegetables and rice. This is not as spicy as some dishes which have chilli in them.

Lemon Chicken

You might want an aromatic dish that does not have any spiciness at all. This means that you should think about ordering some lemon chicken because this has a large amount of flavour with not a hint of spiciness. You will want to choose some plain rice or noodles which are not going to overpower the dish at all.

Crispy Shredded Chicken

Crispy shredded chicken has a wonderful texture and you will quickly count this dish as one of your favourites. You can specify the level of crispiness that you would like. The takeaway is going to be happy to oblige.

Hot & Spicy Chicken

As the name suggests, this chicken is for people who want their meals to have a high amount of chilli. You can specify how spicy you want the chicken to be when the takeaway receives your order. This is going to be a meal that you definitely will not forget at all.

Curried Chicken

As the name suggests, this type of chicken comes in a thick curry sauce. You can specify how spicy you want the curry sauce to be in your meal and then you can pair it with some rice, noodles or chips.

BBQ Chicken

The sweet and smoky taste of barbeque chicken is something that many people enjoy. You can order this to accompany your rice or your noodles. The flavour is going to be delicious.

Satay Chicken

Satay sauce combines peanuts and chillies to good effect. This is a good sauce for people who want a medium amount of spiciness in their meals because the peanut sauce is going to take the edge off the chillies. You can have satay chicken with a wide range of accompaniments.

Garlic Chicken

The distinctive taste of garlic is going to enhance the chicken that you have ordered. You can specify a small amount of garlic so that the flavour is not going to overpower the taste of the other dishes that you have ordered.


There are many different types of chicken that you can order from the takeaway, depending on how spicy you want the chicken to be, and the takeaway can make the chicken to your exact specifications.