Easy snacks to serve in parties

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Preparing starter items are easy these days. Cook books and cooking sites are at handy and one can find out new recipes to try on every day.

Each party or house gatherings need a dish or two of starters which act like appetizers. One can get starter recipes in Hindi language from cooking magazines. Here are a few ideas which one can think of making at home before a party.

Masoor Daal Kebabs

This is a very delicious and healthy recipe at the same time. Lentil is the main ingredient here and one can use potato as abider in this preparation. Use some basic Indian spices to make it tasty. Masoor Daal contains a high amount of protein and it is also very rich in fibre. This also has a lot of anti oxidants. You can serve these kebabs with some cucumber raita as a starter. If you want to keep this in the main menu then serve them with Biriyani with tomato and onion sauce.

Maacher Chop

This is a quintessential Bengali dish and it is definitely mouth watering. If you are a non vegetarian then surely you need to try this. This plays a lovely starter in any occasion. You can make this with Rohu fish as it is readily available in the markets. Fried fish goes very well with Kasundi which is again a Bengali styled mustard sauce.  You can also go for Pudina chutney along with this crunchy fries. All your guests are going to enjoy this dish.

Tamil Nadu style spicy egg fry

This is again a very simple recipe. It is coated with masala and then it is pan fried. Take your regular and normal boiled egg and add some twist to it. Add some extra flavours to make it a delicious recipe. Egg is a natural source of protein and it also gives you a good amount of energy. You can serve them as a starter or as munchies with Prawn Biriyani and raita.

Stuffed Capsicum

This is a healthy one if you make this with sweet potatoes. You have to cook the sweet potato well so that it becomes soft and then mix it with the basic spices like dry fenugreeks, chilli and coriander powder. You can also add a little bit of olive oil as it is healthy and has a lot of anti oxidants. Then put the mixture inside the bell peppers and bake it well till the peppers are cooked. You can serve them with kulcha and butter chicken and it will serve the purpose totally.

Beetroot Chicken Cutlet 

This is a juicy patty kind of thing which goes very well with a cup of tea or coffee. One can get some mouth melting juicy chicken in a crunchy snack like this. Adding beetroot means adding a colour to the preparation as well. Go for Pudina chutney along with it. This will give it a spicy twist.

You can get starter recipe tips in Hindi in magazines and can try them at home.