Ottawa criminal lawyer handles intelligent calculative crimes by professionals

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Crimes are assumed to be a violent activity causing life threatening consequences. They are usually an act of a coward who makes impulsive moves to benefit out of the situation, either in terms of money, or status. However a new type of crime has come into the existence which is non-violent in nature. These are intelligently planned and well executed. They are basically crimes committed by professionals like government officers and businessmen. Many Ottawa criminal lawyers are being trained to further guide and support the victims and very less often the accused.

AGP Criminal lawyers, the popular Ottawa defence lawyer render their services for these sophisticated crimes:

Ø  Tax Evasion: Various corporations, companies, trust, businessmen indulge in this kind of crime. This basically an act of non-payment of taxes to the authorities. By misrepresenting the facts regarding the income, property, assets and the expenses, this crime is committed.  They play around a simple rule, lesser the income, less tax will be charged. And sometimes, the amounts are made to appear in a manner, that the entire tax gets exempt. Since taxes are invested in the state development activities, this kind of crime tends to pull back the economy and the infrastructure development of the state.

Ø  Fraud: It is an act of miscommunicating of the facts in order to make financial gains. It has been observed, various non registered trusts are formed professing monetary benefits to its investors, however ends up taking all their money away. Government are spreading awareness in the similar regards, asking not to invest in such trusts or agencies. 

Ø  Embezzlement/Theft: It is an extended form of fraud. This too plays with innocent people’s money making false promises about heavy returns. This is as good as a robbery and a theft, however in this case the people themselves are consciously investing their money. Yellow Pages can help you locate suitable lawyers.

Ø  Billing fraud: Bills are basically an invoice or a note of transaction that states that an exchange of goods or services has happened. And such business activity is considered to be taxable for both the parties involved. Thus to safe themselves from paying the tax, they avoid issuing and accepting the bill.

Ø  Forgery: It’s basically an activity performed through presenting incorrect statistics in order to extract money from innocent people. Copies of various original brands are circulated in the market befooling the customers in the name of original brands. Not only good currency does undergo such illegal treatment, fake currency is brought to the economy which causes huge loss to it.

Ø  Identity Theft: This is a kind of theft that challenges the victim of their identity. Many hackers are on a look out the bank and personal details of people online and in real time, so that the money could be minted in the names of innocent people. Visit Ourbis for more information.

Telemarketing Fraud: This kind of crime is very new developed. As the customers are contacted through television or online showcasing product and services at cheaper prices. Once the customer gets trapped and makes the payment, the product will be of sub-standard quality.