Three signs you might be in labor

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The confusion of false and real contractions always is a problem with the pregnant women’s.  As your due date comes near you might feel different contraction with the time. They can be intense and uncomfortable. Thought it is tough to recognize the real contractions. Here are some points you can check to make sure that you are really in labor

Labor contractions can be strong and repetitive

If you feel like contraction are intense as the last one and it lasts for 30 to 60 seconds then you are in labor. Now the next question comes in mind is this is the time to go to the hospital. The answer could be not necessarily. Somehow this also depends on your medical history is this your first pregnancy or not. It also depends upon the cervix is dilated or not. So you can wait to call your doctor since your contraction can last for the 5 minutes to 7 minutes. But make sure your due date is near or far when the contraction starts. You can focus on baby kick monitor to get the information about whether contractions are real or fake.  

If this is your second pregnancy, than wait for some more time before calling your doctor. Till the time you need to keep your muscles loose which can help in to reduce the pain.

Your water break

A gush and trickle of the fluid is a major sign of the labor has started. What can make this a false alarm sometimes baby’s head pressing on the bladder can cause the urine leakage? So before contacting your doctor, you need to make sure this is amniotic fluid, not the urine leakage. You can call your doctor and tell him the color of the fluid and also discuss the pregnancy test taken in the last week.

If your last week pregnancy test is positive and color of the fluid is brown or green that you must head to the hospital. To make sure just monitor timing contractions when to go to the hospital. It could be a fetal distress and you need to monitor your baby closely to prevent any problem.

Commonly it is difficult to get the exact information whether the contraction is real or fake but knowing the sign can indicate probably labor has begun and you need to go to the hospital.

Another sign of labor is just 24 or 48 hours away

If you feel like you are able to breathe more than probably your baby head drop into the pelvis. This process is known as lightning. Some women’s might feel diarrhea just before the one or two days of the labor. Some feel like they were exhausted but suddenly get the burst of energy. You may feel like doing the every pending task of the house. Every woman feels different sign while going into the labor. Better to understand the early signs and be prepared to go ahead to the hospital. You will definitely need more energy for labor.