Guide for Fashion & Luxury Brands in China

The Chinese Luxury Current market has become probably the most sizeable from the earth. With burgeoning amounts of prosperity and disposable revenue appear transforming expectations from people.

THE DEFINITIVE Information TO Coming into THE CHINESE Luxury Market

Over the course of 2016, whole Chinese buyer expenditure rose by 7%, considerably high than world-wide ordinary degrees of 2.3% to the similar 12 months. Now in 2017 we are able to confirm that Luxury Items in China are forecast for being the seventh fastest-spending category

In spite of this sizeable marketplace, except you might be previously an established brand in China you might have some work to complete with regards to carving out a unique brand name picture and raising your reputation.

Intercontinental Demonstrates Luxury 

The Chinese backlash in opposition to community fakes and counterfeits is one of the reasons international luxurious choices are flourishing in China. To generally be a ‘foreign brand’ is now a byword for good quality, consequently lending by itself to this kind of luxurious branding and marketing. It is essential to get aware about this context, additionally, it heightens the value of an smart branding approach to the best, qualified platforms to high-net-worth individuals.



Focused Visibility & Name are a Luxurious brands greatest asset in a ‘digital centric’ industry. As a luxury proposition you need to build this strong brand status by focusing on particular platforms and communities.

The discerning Chinese fashionista spends on normal two hours per day browsing online. For high value products the level & degree of research by the customer is typically higher. Anyone who’s spent time in China will instantly notice how digitally orientated this modern society has become from WeChat, to Cross Border Commerce, Shopping Forums & PR you need to make an impact to your target demographic while in the online sphere if you happen to be going to drive sales.

This is often a case of the famous ‘Little Emperors Syndrome’, raising family wealth coupled with the A person Child Policy led to whole family units catering for a single child. As a result, more funds have been available to Millennials from wealthy backgrounds coupled with an insatiable shopper demand for quality brands. With such a huge surge of luxury enamoured youths across China, tapping into this current market and building brand loyalty can pay dividends for years to occur with men and women so early in their consumption life cycle.


This is a conundrum for many brands, do they approach expensive Chinese distributors and get their products stocked on shelves or is there a more cost-effective method? Chinese distributors are notoriously selective about which products they promote; they are looking for pre-existing sales, do not engage in branding (this component cannot be ignored!) and can be ruthless with a name for ‘racing to the bottom’ on price and service.
For luxurious these are images you’d certainly want to avoid as a serious market place entrant. The better approach is to build your brand, generate sales through cross border platforms & drive qualified prospects through digital efforts.

Once a brand is more established and has sales figures higher high quality distributors are keen to take to the product that function with other well-known luxury names.

Particularly in Luxurious no part with the impression and service can be compromised. Validate your concept online first, generate sales and then develop your distribution.


Alibaba’s flagship platform Tmall is reserved only the for most successful players, 85% of brands are rejected from Tmall, Why? Because Tmall tend to select brands that currently have a large following, a strong image, status and significant sales evidence from China. Jingdong (JD) is not dis-similar with a strict application procedure. If applicable setting up on Tmall can be huge exposure for Luxury.

The end goal for Luxurious is to open stores on Tmall & JD as these are the most reputable cross border platforms. The budget must also be in place for your more expensive set up and associated costs.

The alternative route for new luxurious products in China is to build up to these largest e-commerce displays on more niche, yet highly valued platforms this kind of as WeChat Stores, Little Red Book, Hupu, T Global E-Luxury & more.

In addition, you can follow the following steps to start selling online without these types of a huge outlay that still yields a significant return on investment. Validation of your luxury concept in this market-place should be considered a priority.


It is not as simple as it sounds to build a great website in China. Avoid the typical Chinese web formats and opt for a sleek, clean cut aesthetic akin to your pre-existing site. You cannot simply just create a bi-lingual Chinese add-on as it is best to host the site on a local server with a .cn domain. This involves building the site locally, in addition when it comes to visibility on Baidu (China’s Google), the sites needs to become a ‘vehicle for visibility’, that is optimized for Mandarin keyword searches. 75% of all online research is conducted via Baidu.

Content should also be re-adapted for this industry with neighborhood search conditions and keywords in mind, this allows you to place your content in front of the most qualified search traffic from the luxurious sphere.

Visibility is achieved through Pay Per Click ads (forget Banner Display in China) as well as SEO, increasing the site ranking in the natural search results on Baidu, this typically drives the highest top quality traffic when it comes to sales conversion rates. Shoppers are by now searching for Luxurious products, appearing on a search ranking beneath a well establish brand name can be a powerful method for generating traffic and sales.
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