Surgery To Relieve Inflammation And Pain In Your Foot

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With the development of science and technology, a lot of diseases are now treated with state-of-the-art surgeries. That's how robotics has taken the centre stage in microsurgeries today such as the robotic cardiac surgery. However, in the case of plantar fascia, a surgery is done on the flat band of tissue popularly known as the ligament of a patient with a view to relieving the inflammation and pain in the foot. What actually is done here is that either a small portion of the ligament is cut off or the ligament is completely detached from the heel bone. The disease is called plantar fasciitis. Doctors opine that plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain in people across the globe.

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis:
We have already discussed that it is the commonest form of heel pain in people. Patients suffer from the severe pain similar to that of stabbing at the bottom of his foot closer to the heel. However, you may feel the severity of pain in the first few steps after a sleep. Long hours of standing, sitting, and exercising can also trigger plantar fasciitis. The severity of pain increases after standing, sitting, or exercising and not during it.
Causes of plantar fasciitis:
Plantar fascia works like a shock absorber bowstring below the arch of your foot. Too much tensioning and stretching of your foot thus cause tiny damage in the fascia. Repeated damages to the fascia cause swelling and pain in the foot. However, bony spur at heel bone can also cause plantar fasciitis. Hence, your doctor conducts x-ray to determine the exact reason and severity of the problem. However, a surgery is the last option to cure plantar fasciitis when the medicine and physiotherapy fail to improve a patient's condition.
The bad news is that no single treatment can do any wonder here for every patient suffering from plantar fasciitis. But, adopting a couple of measures such as the following can truly help you control the problem.
·      Rest: A complete rest of your foot can be the best and the easiest treatment here. Avoid walk or run on the hard surface.   
·         Ice and pain reliever treatment: Applying ice on the foot can reduce swelling and pain. Simultaneously, application of pain relievers may also be useful here.
·     Exercise: Stretching exercises with a towel alongside the toe and calf stretching several times a day (especially in the morning just after the sleep) can be useful.   
·    Shoe change: Wearing shoes with a cushioned sole and a good arch support are congenial here
·         Splint treatment: Your doctor may advise you to wear a splinter at night for relief.
·       Medicine shots: Medicine and steroid shots on the heel are also helpful here. But, such shots are recommended only after the initial treatments for 6-12 months with others.
However, your plantar fascia can be perfectly alright after a surgery. The inflammation and pain here can primarily be attributed to the growing age of the people such as those belonging to the middle age group and also common in runners.