Practical Ways to Lose Weight This Winter

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You may have heard that if you want to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit. Eat less and stay active is the key to weight loss. It looks like that, this is a simple job, but on the other hand, the same job becomes one of the most difficult if you are starting without a plan. I have told in my earlier blogs that creating a 500 calories deficit only two times a week is sufficient. You can your normal food on the rest of the days. Follow this simple strategy with dedication and expect to see considerable changes. This will bring significant benefits to your health. Some age-related diseases are inevitable and by controlling your weight, you can avoid them. You can also get genuine information from

Let us understand how to make a realistic plan, which can guarantee the results.

Choose your carbohydrates

In the present scenario, it is quite common to consume food products, which are manufactured from highly refined carbohydrates. In order to enhance the taste manufacturers use white carbohydrates in snacks. This increases blood sugar levels in the body and enhances the production of insulin. This will in turn facilitate the fat accumulation and the same will play a hindrance in case of its depletion. Refined carbohydrates are slow in burning. Opt for Brown rice, stone ground whole meal bread, oats and those foods, which have complex carbohydrates in them.

Stick with soup

According to a research published by health Department of Penn State University, that soup is an appetite suppressant because it is full of liquids and solids. This is a wonderful combination to eat before a meal, which can provide you good amount of nutrition and at the same time, it will help you lower your calorie intake. The vegetable soup will minimize your calories up to 70% in comparison with meal. You can opt for a soup on alternate days and this will increase your vegetable intake.

Portion control

According to a survey, we consume 92% of the food we serve for ourselves. So if you are filling your plates without considering its size then think about it. In the recent years portion sizes in eating joints have increased. Moreover, when you have something in your plate and hanging out with friends, it is quite natural that you will keep on eating until the plate is done. Whenever you are eating at parties, pick up a small plate, this will help you manage your portion size.

Fruit is better than juice

Fruit juice is full of high level of sugar, but lower nutrient value. You will not find much fiber in it. In spite of drinking fruit juice if you will go for a fruit along with its skin, you will get full nutritional benefits of fruit. If you want to have a glass of apple, juice, then eat the apple with its skin. Do not peel it off. Gather relevant information about health products from

Change your drink

You like coffee or tea, then change it a little and go for green tea or any kind of herbal tea. Green tea has antioxidants, which will boost your metabolic rate, which will burn good amount of calories.