Three Indian Popular Indian Street Food Items

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India is a mixed variety of culture people. The climate, languages, cultures, religions, etc are the great effect on Indian multi cuisines. Every religion has their own variety of dishes specially making in their festivals. When you travelling to India, you can find different varieties of food in the streets. If you visit North India, you can find samosa, pakora, jilebi and many more. And you visit South India, you can see idly, vada, dosa etc. If you like Indian foods, then us to know the value of Indian food.

You can find street food anywhere in India. Tiny towns are also having their own specialty street food. Bigger cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad have large chains of street foods. Because, in these cities, different regions of people are living. They are coming to these cities for their education, courses learning, and jobs.

Most of the people don’t go restaurants due to the financial issues. They are more expensive. So, many people are going to eat street foods which are delicious and you can’t find these item in restaurants also. Some Indian restaurants Brampton are serving these foods to the customers. The street foods are cheaper and delicious one to eat. To get more information about Indian street food, visit us.

Street foods are come in cheap costs which creates new trends in getting the profits. Indo- Chinese food is a combination of Chinese and Indian foods. You can get both flavors of foods at one place. Most of the street foods are taken in restaurants. They include those items in their menu to attract the customers. Many restaurants are established by street level. Most of the people are conscious in health and they prefer hygiene food. So, many stalls are opened for serving the hygiene food. If you like street foods, then these stalls are the best choice. Indian restaurant in Brampton is also including some famous street foods in their menu to serve the delicious food to the customers at affordable prices.

Mumbai is very famous in serving the pav baji and vada pav. Many people are like these street foods which are yummy. The following are the 3 most popular Indian street foods:


Panipuri is the most popular Indian street food which is made with wheat flour. They serve with tamarind water and some recipe based on your taste. You can put whole puri at a time on your mouth. The taste of the panipuri is very delicious and people are really enjoyed to eat these street food. You can see many panipuri lovers in anywhere. Many people are taking it with different variety of stuff like potato curry, botany or onions. To know more about us.


Samosa is the most famous street food in India. Many recipes are used in stuffing. It is shapes as a triangle and you can eat it with different sauces like tomato or chili sauce.

Indian Chinese:

Noodles are come in this category. They created different varieties of dishes with these noodles. You can find these street foods in Indian restaurants in abroad.

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